Hi, I am nearly 6 months post partum and pump and nurse and supplement with formula. I have to pump a minimum of 30 mins and if I go longer i.e. 40 mins to an hour, get another let down. I do struggle to maintain supply. A really good day for me is 20 oz and sometimes I only get 1/2 that. Lately LO will only nurse in the early am upon rising. Sometimes I have to get ready for work before she awakes, So the amount I pump is pretty close to my production.
I wonder if there is anything magical about power pumping for an hour vs. constant pumping for an hour. Other than the off/on suction stimulation, which you can adjust and restart on the PIS pump, are there any benefits to the 10 min on 10 mins off? Would this help increase my milk more than long pumping sessions? I pump 5 or 6 times a day, average, every 3-4 hours unless nursing.thanks