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Thread: Baby #2 having so much trouble, please advice!

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    Default Baby #2 having so much trouble, please advice!

    Hi all, Just had my second daughter 10 days ago, my first is 21 months, I breastfed exclusively 7 months and she did great, never a snag except some soreness in the beginning. Second baby started out great, good latch, less soreness, doing well, but breasts EXTREMELY full and she doesn't eat all that frequently - long afternoon nap and even with waking her at night she falls back asleep pretty quickly. She's now 10 days old, and last night my guess is that my milk let down is fast and furious and when I sit her up to burp her she vomits everything back up. This happened 3x since last night. Occasionally I pump just to take the edge off and not feel like i'm about to explode...I don't know if I'm making it worse by doing this, suggestions? i dont' really remember with my first when the milk production evened out with her needs and later down the road if she has a growth spurt, I don't want to not have enough!
    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Default Re: Baby #2 having so much trouble, please advice!

    I can relate to some of that though at 8 weeks i usually don't feel so full and she eats usually every 1-3 hours in the day. She often throws up from either oversupply or fast let down and i am already to the point of some minor block feeding i'd say. Pumping will make it worse and even though its hard you have to try not to do much except maybe express some by hand (rubbing) to take the edge off. I have the same fear in my mind of ending up not having enough somehow but so far no complaints about too little from her. I hope you get settled better soon, i know how stressful it can be!

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    Default Re: Baby #2 having so much trouble, please advice!

    yes pumping will make overproduction worse. On the other hand, you want to avoid getting so full you feel as if you are going to explode. In that case, can you hand express? Or better yet, pick baby up and encourage baby to nurse? Yes I am saying, wake your baby, unless baby will nurse in her sleep which she is capable of. . So what if the session is short? A short nursing session is perfect. It will relieve the pressure but your breasts stay full enough to signal to your body to stop making so much. Plus baby gets milk and it's less likely to gush if it's been a shorter time between feedings. Nursing frequently at this age is always important and even more so to help with over production and forceful letdown. It is also the easiest way to calm this all down more quickly. Of course, baby taking one side at a time is fine.

    If you continue to have overproduction, you can consider block nursing. This simply means nursing on one side through two or more feedings. For example, nurse baby on the left for two feedings and then the right for two. Do this for a day or more. If needed, you then increase the time on one side slowly and only if needed. STILL NURSE FREQUENTLY and also, hand express as needed if you get terribly uncomfortable. You want to be full but not in the danger zone. Block feeding will reduce your milk production but not overnight.

    It's a little too early for block feeding imo. If you want to try block feeding, take it slow and remember-you still want to nurse very frequently!

    Spit up is normal. Yucky and a major pain in the middle of the night, but normal. Stock up on large burp cloths.

    It can take time for milk production to even out. Weeks.

    hand expression http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf
    gaining, gulping http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ggrimacing.pdf
    dark side of block feeding http://cwgenna.com/blockfeeding.html
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    Default Re: Baby #2 having so much trouble, please advice!

    Hi mama, I have oversupply and definitely tons and tons of milk in the early weeks! Supply can increase with subsequent babies so it's possible that it's more noticeable this time from last. But even with my first, there were times when my breasts would wake me up in the middle of the night saying "it's feeding time!" even when my baby hadn't woken up yet. I agree with meg, just go ahead and have baby nurse at that point. Especially since it sounds like she's something of a sleepy baby. 10 days is SO little, you really can't offer too often. I've also dealt with a lot of spitting up. One thing that I found helpful at the early point was to keep baby propped up for a little while after the feeding, for example still in the "burping position" over the shoulder.

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