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Thread: Nearly 4 month old refusing right side.

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    Default Nearly 4 month old refusing right side.

    Hi. Back with yet another problem.

    I visited a lactation consultant a week and a half ago and she told me that we both have/d thrush. Today is the last day of his nystatin treatment, and who knows if I'm cleared of it because I don't have insurance or a primary doctor that would even see me for it. I feel less itchy in general, but it's whatever.

    Anyway, my problem is this, and is why I went to them in the first place: He hates my right side. Sometimes he'll nurse perfectly for it, but 90% of the time, he pulls off (he'll do this to my left boob, too), bites, clamps, but then cries and screams and fights, but I know I can't have super milk over on that side because my left is huge and big and lovely because he loves to nurse from it more, but my right side feels like a deflated balloon. I just don't get it. He will also rub his face from side to side and grunt against my breast and then tilts (oh dear, the word I originally used for this is censored, oops! another word for 'roosters' if you will!) his head to the side, nurse for a few seconds, and then unlatches.

    I'm seriously just at my wit's end. I'm about to just pump that boob when it gets heavy (which is like, after 6 hours of not being nursed from), and then give him an extra bottle once a day. I hate that I have to devote extra time to focusing my day around nursing though ~ seriously - another 20 minutes to pump, another 20 to feed him the bottle ... I'm just at wit's end. The LC wasn't very helpful with giving me latching tips either: she said since he's such a big guy (nearly 21 lbs) that I must have figured out how to maneuver around our physical problems well enough by now: he has a receding chin, I have short nipples, not to mention his short tongue and almost upper lip tie (she said it was -very- tight, whatever that means). I expected to get help aside from being told about the thrush and what to do to remedy it, but didn't and um, just wanted to know if there was anything to do about my child's behavior at the breast.

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    Default Re: Nearly 4 month old refusing right side.

    My 5 month old also hates the right breast!! I thought it was a problem, but it went on for exactly 2.5 months, and her weight gain was still awesome. She gained almost 8oz/week on just the right breast for 7 weeks straight. I don't worry about it any more.

    21lb 4 month old seems to be thriving on your left breast! If I were you I would skip the right breast...unless you think baby needs it? I don't pump unless it's really full, maybe like 3 times a day and even then I just pump off an ounce. I'm hoping that I'm letting her decide whether the breast should just dry up or if she wants to keep it, as in once in a while she'll nurse from it if she's asleep at night. This has been going on for 3 months, so I'm confident she doesn't really need the extra milk from the right breast. Sometimes my supply dips a bit and she'll happily take both breasts, then the production seems to go back up and she refuses. I know, it's so confusing!

    I hope some of the other moms can chime in, I've posted about this same issue before and a LLL leader said if she's gaining well on one breast then not to worry about it. Another mom said she let the supply in that side naturally decrease as baby wanted. I think there is an issue with the nipple on that side for me, not sure about you? Baby has to suck 2-3 times for one swallow, vs the regular breathe-suck-swallow pattern for the left side.

    I think that your right side sounds like a slow flow and that he might be protesting that aspect? I have almost the same exact situation, except I discovered that the right side actually has a forceful letdown (weird, I know).
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