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Thread: Need Opinions/Advice :(

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    I have a 6 week old baby boy, he has had issues since he was born with not gaining weight. He was born at 7 lb 4 oz. He went down to 6 12oz at discharge had severe jaundice that had required 2 seperate Bili treatments because it kept coming back and since then he hasn't been able to gain anything. He eats every 2-3 hours breastfeeding only but after last appointment my lactation comsultant weighed him before he fed and after and he latches perfect and swallows perfect he even ate for quite a long time and still gained basically nothing after eating. She said his Frenulum looks tight and he might be tongue tied so we have an appt with an ENT. He also has had issues with puking lots for his first few weeks after birth ( they thought pyloric stenosis because he's not gaining) now we have to give him little bits of formula after he breast feeds to try to.put on weight for him. My issue here is that now he screams and cries for hours every night to the point of not latching on at all or taking the bottle we use for his supplements. He has been not pooping much since we had to start doing formula with breastfeeding. I give him gas drops I even try the infant pain relief drops becausw he screams so hard he's completely red! I try his vibrating chair, baths, rocking, bouncing, tummy massages, bicycle leg pumps, etc. I don't know what to do anymore! I have switched from the formula thats closest to breas milk, I tried sensitive tummy kind, and now we are trying soy because the other 2 made him scream and cry in pain even more they even thought it was reflux at one point. I need some pointers ladies, I dont want to give up breast feeding but some nights I want to just cry because he goes hours screaming and won't feed right and I am only able to pump about 2 oz combined from both breasts after he eats and I cant pump all day in between feedings because hes always fussy and then I have a 3 yr old whos constantly needing me to follow her around. I need some kind of advice or tips because my lactation consultant is only in on certain days and I am so sad that my little man is crying like this I know he's not underfed because I watch him swallow at the breast and then takes his bottle after also but with this crying fits he has for hours and hours I get so tempted to give up. He never screamed like this before we introduced formula now hesbsuch an unhappy little guy im so sad about this!

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    I think hes colicky but what do you ladies think I should do for this issue with the whole screaming and not latching right? He gets so upset and works himself up so much out of no where sometimes he will be in the middle of eating amd just start screaming! I hate formula because I dont like giving him something thats man made with all kinds of stuff in it. Ever since he had to be put on it as a supplement hes been so unhappy and crabby all day and night. He doesnt even sleep barely anymore!

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    How is giving up breastfeeding going to help? Assuming something is truly wrong here, then either your child is ill, which means the more breastmilk he gets and comfort at the breast he gets the better, or he has allergies to what is in formula-(again, so breastmilk is better)- or both.

    In other words, the problem is not and never has been breastfeeding. Even if the issue involves you not making enough milk or baby having difficulty transfering milk, the problem then is not ENOUGH breastmilk into baby. So I do not see how not breastfeeding is a solution to what you are describing here.

    I have many questions, so sorry.
    Did you nurse your three year old? If you did, any problems?
    Is your baby no longer jaundiced?
    What is weight gain now? can you give a history?
    How much is baby supplemented each day (how many ounces of formula each day)
    How much is in each bottle of supplement and how many times a day is it given?
    How many times in a day do you offer to nurse baby? (Not every such and such hours-please tell me how many times in a day)
    How many times does he actually nurse?
    How many times in a day do you pump?
    What kind of a pump are you using and did you buy it new, or is it used, or is it rented?
    I assume pyloric stenoses was ruled out? Were there any other thoughts to what might be the problem?
    have you seen the IBCLC again since the one time? At what age was that appointment?
    When do you see the ENT?
    Have you educated yourself about tongue tie and breastfeeding?
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    Great questions from LLLMeg. The answers to them will help us know what to suggest for you.

    Some things you can do for a baby who has difficulty latching:
    - Swaddle him. Swaddling tends to make babies a little calmer and prevents their thrashing arms from pushing them right off the breast.
    - Try to latch him on before he's hungry. Hungry babies are sometimes too frantic to latch. Getting to the baby before he has escalated to crying may enable an easier latch.
    - Express a few drops of milk onto the surface of the nipple before latching baby on. The instant reward of milk in his mouth may encourage him to suck instead of screaming.
    - If baby is already frantic and will not latch, offer him a clean pinky finger to suck, with nail held down towards the tongue instead of up towards the delicate skin of the palate. A few seconds of sucking on a finger may remind baby that sucking- not screaming- is the key to happiness, and may calm him enough to enable a repeat latch attempt.

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    Hello, no I didnt breast feed my 1st child, I tried to but I struggled with it and when I had to return to work it was way to much trying to work 2 AM and pump all day and doing college class wasnt able to stick with it with her unfortunately which made me very upset and made me really want to push panicen obstacle to make it work with the baby boy I just had.
    He isnt jaundiced anymore his billi levels are in the normal range again thankfully!
    His last weight a week ago was barely over 6 lbs 14 oz, that was when we had him seen at the lactation consultant, the appt before that for WIC was a few days earlier and he was 6 14 still, hes a very low percentile she said for his height and weight and age, basically every single appt since discharge from hospital he goes between 6 12oz and 6 kb 14 oz. He has never made it up to his birth weight. I have had him seen numerous times a week at different doctors offices to see what each one says and they all keep saying to supplement. My lactation lady is the one who thought pyloric stenosis because for a while there he was puking up everything he would eat and trying to put him upright didnt help at all when they suggested reflux and told us to hold him up right after feedings. He actually pukes more being upright then laying down after eating which is why I love the sidelying position in my ned at night time for him.
    Im not sure an exact total for the formula supplements each day because i vary with them. I mostly give him around 2 oz - 3 oz after he breast feeds because my lactation lady said he should be eating that much and so I need to keep note of how much he eats from the bottle. He never really eats the full 3 ozs after a nice long breast feed session but recently this week hes been chowing down which I think is due to a growth spurt. I gave him 3 oz of pumped milk and breast fed last night at his 4 am feeding and he chowed it all completely and finslly was content for awhile.
    I nurse him at a minimum of 10 times a day sometimes his feedings are really clustered then he will sleep for longer then other times he will be really picky and only eat at a time and not eat more even when i offer a bottle of pumped milk or formula.
    I try to pump at least 5 times a day if i can it sucks because my pumping schedule got thrown off course from my lpn program i was attending when i gave birth to him. I basically have quit everything so i can be home with him all day and keep my supply up and try to keep getting in pumping sessions so i can use that in stead of formula. I dropped out of school for right now to focus on getting his weight up and being able to commit to pumping/etc. I even told my work I couldnt go back until I get it figured out.
    Im using a pretty cheap one right now because im not working and had school expenses I just got the one the insurance pays for which is the Ameda purely yours. It works alright but its nothing like the one I had with my 1st child which I gave away not thinking I was going to have another!
    Yes the pyloric stenosis was ruled out after I brought him to the ER and told them I needed him looked at for it asap!
    I dont know much about tongue tied breast feeding is there information on here? I am new to this site so I'm not sure how it works yet!
    The ENT only comes to my small town 1 time a month unless we drive to a different city to see him which has a pretty long wait list Im due for his next weight check the 20th and I will see my lactation lady right after to talk to her about it.

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    Yes I do swaddle him he loves being swaddled all the time because he is very gassy all the time so hes always having belly aches and thats the only way I can calm him down. I tried the milk expression before latching him and it helped!
    My lactation consultant called him the great pretender because he swallows perfect latches perfect and everything but its not transferring right and she doesnt understand why. He even latches a bottle perfectly. He loves his nuk which is the only thing that truly helps me to get him to calm down and latcj good during his crying amd screaming fits

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    Well it sounds as if your baby is STILL not gaining despite being supplemented.

    Here is why a baby would not gain weight
    1) He is not getting enough to eat
    2) He is sick. Heart condition. Severe allergy. Severe reflux and I don’t know what else. This is what doctors should be checking for.
    3) the scales are wrong. One or more weight checks were done incorrectly. This happens more than you might think. However, I think this is unlikely because at 6 weeks, it should be gettign pretty obvious that baby is not getting enoguh in his appearence.
    If you had never breastfed-if your baby was totally formula fed from the beginning-would your baby be getting tested for illness or conditions instead of you simply being told ‘feed him more?” I think it’s a question worth asking.

    So, from a feeding standpoint, how much is enough? The estimated total intake of breastmilk that a 6 week old normally gets at the breast in order to grow properly is around 30 ounces per day. Some may need less, some more, but this is the approximate average. Also, just FYI, this is the daily total from now on. Baby’s daily nutritional requirement goes up until about 6 weeks (from zero on day one.) At around six weeks it stops going up.

    If your baby were exclusively breastfed, he would get this much breastmilk by nursing at least 10-12 times a day, some infants nurse more often. So a ‘normal’ feeding would be anywhere from around 1-4 ounces intake per feed.

    If you are supplementing 3 ounces at a time, that is a total feed. In other words, a formula supplement of this amount is not really a supplement, it would be all your baby requires or is likely to take in, in one feeding.
    Does this mean that if your baby ‘drinks the whole bottle” after nursing, then he needed it? No, not necessarily. Bottle feeding is so different than nursing that a baby will take much more than he needs via the bottle. This is not true at the breast.
    I think you need to figure out exactly how much formula your baby is getting. If your baby is being fully fed via formula, or very close to it, then why is he not gaining?

    I suggest, stop worrying about percentiles. Anyone who is confusing you about percentiles does not understand charting. Charts measure normal growth of healthy babies. So not one baby the charts are based on was ill! So a baby in the 1st percentile could be entirely healthy and a baby in the 99th percentile could be deathly ill. And it’s all been averaged out-And No baby stays on exactly the same growth trajectory their entire babyhood, it fluctuates.

    GAIN does matter. Normal weight gain after the first week is an average of about 1 ounce per day. That is not happening. That is the concern.

    I think you need to go back to the IBCLC and get better answers about why your baby appears to be drinking and swallowing and yet gained nothing.

    Also it will help if you have a better pump. A rented hospital grade pump.

    The dentist Dr. Kotlaw has good info on tongue tie online. I have to run I can’t link it.

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    Default Re: Need Opinions/Advice :(

    Sorry ok it's www.kiddsteeth.com

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