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Thread: Rice with BM...????

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    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH LADIES!!! I guess i will just have to tough it out.. when I was told about it I really didn't like the idea much.. so I will be pumping my milk and giving him at least one bottle a night.. right now that's how we are feeding him until the thursh clears up.. just waiting on the Gentian Violet

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    Even though we had a lot of pressure to put cereal in shiloh's bottle at night, we resisted the urge to. we did however give him a bottle of EBM at night. he usually takes 8-10 ozs at night starting at about 11 weeks. the large bottle of milk really helped him to sleep at night, and putting him in his own room really helped. I think that DH and I were waking him up when he was sleeping with us. Once we put him in his dark, quiet room he slept much sounder. He still wakes up from time to time to eat and rock, but he sleeps through the night 90% of the time.

    good luck, it will get better.
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    My son was very colicky for the first 3 or so months- my MIL, who didn't BF either of her children, tried very hard to pursuade me to give him cereal, or just in his bottle. As a first time mom, I had a lot of fear and certianly was welcome to advice- However, I also had the arsenal of my own mother, who BF 4 children for almost 2 years each, and she let me know that it would pass eventually, and introducing solids would not help, and could possibly make it worse!!!!!

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    Dear Sisiter,
    I undrstand why you need the sleep. I would caution against the cereal because it puts weight in their stomach and gives them the false sense they are full- so they end up eating less if you look at the nutritional value of rice cereal (being very little). However, I understand that you have to sleep in order to work, and that you are only a human doing the very best you can. No one will fault this. Good luck.

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