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    My little boy is 10 weeks old. I have endured 10 weeks of painful breast feeding in hopes that things will get better as everyone tells me.

    I have literally tried everything!
    Been on antibiotics as they thought it was an infection. Now, being treated for Thrush and I'm finding still no relief. I have tired various positions but my nipples still feel sore and tender.

    I have had his tongue clipped - a slight tongue tie. He has a high palate. I have seen 2 LC, a LLLI leader, a midwife, doula and 3 doctors and no one can give me answers.

    My question is this: has anyone else experienced pain for 10 weeks and have is disappear? People think Im crazy for pushing through...am I holding onto false hope?
    I know ultimately this is my decision but I am just so torn. I want so badly for it to work out. BUT, what if it doesn't...what if this is how it's going to be?

    I keep telling myself two more weeks... but it's starting to affect the way I feel. I'm tired, sore and I can't hold him to my chest they way I would like to sometimes as Im just so sore.

    Advice? Input? I would really appreciate it

    PS: They are NOT treating his for thrush as he has no SIGNS of it in his mouth...maybe they should be anyway though? Could we be passing it back and fourth?

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    first yes you totally could be passing thrush back and forth, lots of moms here have gone through exactly that.

    second I don't want this to come across as harsh but if you feel like your situation, painful nursing, is not going to change then I suggest you stop banking on it changing assume this is how it will feel forever.... now decide is it worth it.... I'd like to think for me it would be but only you know the pain you are feeling.
    have you ever heard the saying...."if you want something bad enough you'll find a way... if you don't you'll find an excuse" I know some mamas from this site who nursed for 2 years with open wounds on the nipple and kept at it... so whatever your ultimate goal is just power through to that.... imagine your healthy babe and suck it up.

    lastly Have you tried to pump at all? does it hurt when you pump? if so you know he's not the issue... and you can focus on fixing whatever is wrong with you/your breasts, I would think Thrush for sure... lots of great threads here on thrush...
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    I had nipple pain for the first 4 and a half months. It was finally diagnosed as thrush, and I needed a two week course of oral diflucan, probiotics for myself and LO, and I swabbed her mouth with diluted grapefruit seed extract several times/day. What treatment are you on for thrush? I would definitely treat the baby too.

    The other thing that I wonder is if it could be Reynaud's - do you ever have blanching of the nipple, with the colour changing to blue or purple (vasospasms)?

    Like Autumn said, if it's worth it to you, just keep on keeping on. I don't think it's crazy at all to hope that things will eventually click though.

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    ME! I did! I did! The 1st 4.5 months actually. Worse on one side than the other. On that side if felt like he was pulling steel or needles out of my breast when he would latch. I half expected him to have blood in his mouth when he popped off. Mine. At 4.5 months it just stopped happening. I would have never quit because of that pain though. Sometimes even a good latch when the breast is very large and the mouth is very small is painful until they grow into it. And almost always they have a side that they do better on. Hang in there Mama!

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    at 10 weeks i remember counting the days, as I had promised myself i would at least make it to 3 months. the pain was so bad I bf with a cloth diaper to bite on while the tears streamed. My husband was convinced I was insane.
    and it did get better, somewhere during the 4th month which was once I ditched some of the advice I had been given and became more selfasuured as a breast feeder. and it actually only worked really well and painfree from about 6 months. now, 4 years, later he still nurses to sleep most nights.

    So hang in there, count the days if necessary. Often 3 months or 4 months is a turning point. Sadly no one tells a pregnant mom how difficult it might be and to prepare for a hard time.

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    Hi moniqueandree. I am so sorry you are having so much pain while nursing.

    It is no more 'crazy' to keep nursing under this circumstance than it is 'crazy' to stop. As the pps can attest, sometimes it does take a very long time for breastfeeding to become comfortable. But no one can tell you 'keep going and it will get better' because that is unknowable. I can say, I have talked to many mothers, those who nursed for a very long time and very short time, end everything in between, many who found they had to stop due to various issues, and those who got past issues, and none ever expressed regret for trying 'too long.' kwim? I think you will know in your heart if and when you have reached the point you can stop without feeling negative about your decision. Certainly, this is your decision and yours alone, if the people around you cannot be supportive of you continuing to try (should you wish to do that) you can find support here.

    It sounds as if you have talked to many 'experts.' What do YOUR instincts tell you the issue is? What does YOUR research tell you? You know more about what you are experiencing than anyone else. Is the pain like thrush pain, vasospasm, and/or latch? All three? You are probably getting to be an expert on all this by now, and certainly you are the only expert on yourself and your baby, so you may know much more than you think.

    And sometimes, when getting help, it is important to see the right person FOR YOU. Nothing against who you have seen already, but you may just not have seen the right person for YOU yet. When things are at this point, usually the best person to see is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. But anyone, even another mom, may have the suggestion or observation that makes the difference. Have you been able to attend any LLL meetings?

    Plus I have to check-When you say you saw 2 LC's. were they IBCLCs and did the appointments go something like what is described here? http://cwgenna.com/lconsult.html

    Yes baby MUST be treated for thrush if the issue is thrush or suspected of being thrush. Thrush is highly communicable. Sometimes even mom's partner needs to be treated.

    What resources have you been using for your own research into thrush and other causes of latch pain?
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