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Thread: Reflux! I just don't get it.

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    Exclamation Reflux! I just don't get it.

    I suspected reflux in my DD, but when I went down the checklist of classic reflux symptoms she didn't fit all of them. Most of what I got was "it's a laundry problem". My ped even said yes, she has reflux but she just has to grow out of it. But my gut is just telling me something isnt right. I do NOT want to unnecessarily medicate my child, but I am just at a loss. These are her symptoms:
    Spits up all day long. I'm ok with that, I know that's part of living with reflux, but what bothers me is that it comes out of her nose almost every time she spits up. It doesn't matter if she is laying down, upright, at an angle, it just comes out so forcefully. I am so worried about her aspirating it. I swear she has a few times too. I feel so helpless when it happens. She chokes and gasps all the time too. Even if she is just sitting there, and doesn't matter if its before or after a feeding, like she is constantly fighting the reflux. She pulls off the breast frequently during feeding, then gets back on. BUT the thing is, she's gaining weight perfectly. I have now, as I did with my first LO, OS & OALD, but got those things under control early on. She has only ever nursed for about 10 minutes, but I read that was normal for an OALD. AND this is the part that gets me, she never cries. I know one major checkpoint for reflux is contestant crying in PAIN, but she just doesn't. She does however fuss...all the time. She is grunting and arching her back pretty much all the time, even while sleeping, which she doesn't do well when she is so uncomfortable. I can't lay her on her back or she spits up and grunts and fusses. What just tore me up is she was fussing at night and all of the sudden she is choking on her spit up and gasping for air. I just don't know how much longer I can take.
    Ok...so as I was typing this she started spitting up a ton out of her nose....and only her nose, it never came out of her mouth. I am in tears. I know reflux is something they just have to outgrow, but this just seems dangerous! Any advice/ help/similar situations?

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    I am the poster right before you and I think I might be dealing with OALD myself and mine cries horribly lately. She also spits up a lot as well though not out her nose. I am not sure ours have the same problem but I certainly can relate to the doctor telling me she is gaining weight so nothing is wrong and being totally annoyed and at a loss. I am like, I am her mom and I can tell something is going on. I could care less if she spits up on me all day! I am a sahm and I am not trying to impress anyone at this stage lol. If they didn't cry or were not having trouble breathing or any of those other problems we wouldn't be so worried about it so I hope I get some good help from the doctor today and you start getting some answers as well. We know our babies best!

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    Are you keeping baby upright after feedings? A lot of babies just can't lie flat without some sort of discomfort. Think about it from the baby's perspective- she's built to be in your arms all the time. If you were a cave woman, you'd never put your baby down unless it was to hand her off to another family member, because if you lay her down she'd get eaten by a sabretooth tiger or trampled by a mammoth. Having baby sleep upright in a bouncy seat or swing might be really helpful for her- gravity would help keep those tummy contents down where they belong.

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