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Thread: Should I start solids for my big baby at 4 months?

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    Default Should I start solids for my big baby at 4 months?

    My doctor suggested that I need to start solids for my 4 month old because he is eating every hour and he is big (16lbs 8 oz). My 4 older kids nursed every hour the first year too and never really took solid food until around the first birthday. I was ecstatic thinking that a little rice cereal would spread out feedings, but then I started doubting the logic. So my question is, do you think solids really would help my baby go longer between feedings?

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    Default Re: Should I start solids for my big baby at 4 months?

    Solids might help stretch the time between feedings, but that would be an inappropriate use of them. When you introduce solids, you are supposed to use small quantities (think a teaspoon or two, once a day), and they are supposed to "complement", not replace, breastmilk in the child's diet. So if you use enough solids that baby starts skipping feedings or stretching out the time between feedings, then you're using too much!

    Basically, your doctor gave you extremely outdated advice. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that solids should be introduced starting at 6 months. This suggestion does not change based on the baby's size- big babies don't need early solids any more than small babies or average babies. It also does not change based on feeding frequency. I don't know what pediatricians find so challenging about the AAP's recommendation: "The AAP recommends exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant, a recommendation concurred to by the WHO78 and the Institute of Medicine." From http://pediatrics.aappublications.or...29/3/e827.full

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    Default Re: Should I start solids for my big baby at 4 months?

    My pediatrician also said we could start rice cereal at 4 months, But I waited until 6 months like I wanted to. 4 months is just too young for solids! Recently, there was a report on one of the major news networks (maybe ABC Nightly News) about how mothers are introducing solids at too young an age and the negative effects it has on infants. You do what YOU feel is best for your LO. If baby is gaining weight appropriately, then great.

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    Default Re: Should I start solids for my big baby at 4 months?

    it is total nonsense that solids need to be started early because a baby is big. You will also hear that solids should be started early because a baby is small, and that is also nonsense.

    Studies have concluded that the best health outcomes result from starting solids at 6 months rather than earlier. But no studies have been done yet to see if starting at 8 months (or 9 months or 7 months and one week) might be better than 6 months.

    Did any of your older kids have health issues? Eating issues? Is there some reason (besides spacing out feedings) for doing anything differently with this child? I suggest, start solids when your child has the clear signs of readiness. And start them slowly.

    You are right about this being illogical. Unless there is some health issue causing you baby to nurse very often, then your baby nurses every hour because he needs to in order to get enough food to eat. Filling him up with an inferior food might make him nurse less often, but at what cost? If I give my kids a bag or two of rice cakes every day, they will likely eat less fruits and vegetables and meat. Opening a bag of rice cakes is way faster and easier than cooking veges and meat. So why shouldn’t I give them lots of rice cakes, even if it means less fruit and veges and meat? Because it is unhealthy-children need a balance of nutritious foods. Likewise, why give baby something besides the perfect food? (breastmilk.)

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    Default Re: Should I start solids for my big baby at 4 months?

    Ugh. Because he's "big". Normally their reason to start so early is because they're "small". It's like they make up any reason to justify starting a baby earlier than recommended.

    If he's big, he's doing GREAT! Why would you want to 'fix' something that's not broken?
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