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    Hi, my 3 month old has been having more and more dark green stools. At 2 months she had mostly yellow mustard stools with the occasional green stool. However, that has reversed and she is now having mostly green stools (about 4 per day). Her weight gain has been good, and I had some oversupply issues but that doesn't seem to be an issue any more. Sometimes she does just bf for a short time (a snack) so I understand the occasional green poop, but now she's having them even after she empties my breast and I know she is getting the hind milk. She seems happy so I don't know if this is even something to worry about.

    Also, I don't know if this is related, but we have been having problems trying to get her to take bottles. When I finally tasted some of my milk that was 2 days old it tasted terrible, no wonder she didn't want to drink it. Is this normal? I saw another post about high lactase, could this be the issue?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    My LO goes through green poops all the time! I was told not to worry about it if everything else was fine. Still haven't figured out exactly why this is . . . but for us it's no longer something I worry about. We still get the mustard yellow poops - but equally, the green one's as well. Same as you . . . my babes is 3.5 months old . . happy and eating well.
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    My 3 month old is now having mostly green poops too! My sisters 4 month old gets occasional green poops but not near as many my 3 month old.

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    In an otherwise healthy, happy baby, green poops can be considered a variation on normal. Not a health problem, just a little weird. (If you want to see something really weird, wait until your baby starts solids. )

    Lipase (not lactase) is an enzyme that breaks down the fats in milk, creating a taste which is variously described as soapy, metallic, or rancid. It is not a problem with fresh milk, but with milk that has been stored. If lipase is a problem for you, you either need to concentrate on giving your baby only freshly pumped milk, or you need to scald the milk (i.e. heat it until nearly but not quite boiling). Scalding destroys the enzyme and prevents the development of the yucky flavor. You may want to start pulling and taste-testing bags of your stored milk, if you have been freezing, since lipase can affect even frozen milk.

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    Thank you all for the reassurance. And thanks for the information about lipase. I'm worried about the 100+ oz of stored milk I have in the freezer, but I'll test a few bags and see what's going on for sure!

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