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Thread: Re-refrigerating Used Breastmilk

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    Question Re-refrigerating Used Breastmilk

    Is it ok to re-refrigerate breast milk if part of it has been drank? Or does it need to be disposed of? How long can it keep before it needs to be disposed of?

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    Hi mama, here are the storage guidelines from kelly mom:

    Many of us will go ahead and stick a bottle of milk back in the fridge even after baby has started drinking from it (though daycare providers are often more strict about this - for example ours would NOT do that). Ultimately, baby won't drink bad milk....

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    the LLL's book Womanly Art suggests using "common sense food handling techniques", since breastmilk is a food. some of us are more conservative about following official rules than others, but i agree with PP: it's easy to tell (by smell, taste, or baby's reaction) when milk has gone bad.
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