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Thread: 6 months and solids

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    I am new to the group. My son is 6 months old. I just introduced solids to him today, rice cereal with breast milk - he liked it : ) I know I am suppose to nurse him before and that at this point food is in addition to nursing, not to take the place of nursing. I am trying to figure out how often to give him solids during the day. 3 times? Should I give him cereal in the morning, then fruit and veggie for lunch and a protein and veggie for dinner? Pureed of course.



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    At this age, solids should be something you do only for fun, because you are just beginning with them. A very small quantity- think a teaspoon or two of solids- once a day is enough. In a couple of months, you can ramp up to putting baby in his high-chair during family meals and allowing him to self-feed.

    Until a year, breastmilk is capable of meeting all of a baby's nutritional needs. So until around that time, solids are just for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. After a year, the transition from needing only mom's milk to needing a lot of solids is often a slow one, with many babies not eating a majority solids diet until well into their second year.

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    Hi Amy, welcome to the forum!

    I have three kids, my youngest is 9 months old. And I only recently discovered that there are many, many options for 'starting' solids. It is interesting to find that many of the hard and fast 'rules' are actually not based on anything substantial, or are based on old feeding recommendations that not longer have merit, or are based on the assumption solids are started very early, at 3- 4 months or even earlier! Now that we are (appropriately) starting solids more usually at 6 months or older, there is actually much more freedom in how to start solids than you might think!

    For example, you could (if you wanted) look into baby led weaning (aka baby led solids), which is a technique where you pretty much don’t even bother with purées. Or you can start with something entirely different than rice cereal (fruit, veges, meat etc.)
    But no matter what you give baby at first,
    What is most important, as mommal points out, is for anything besides breastmilk to be complementary for the first several months of introducing solids. So, I would suggest, just start REALLY SLOWLY. Once a day solids is plenty, less than that is probably fine. Breastmilk is still going to contain all the nutrition your child needs for many months to come, so solids are truly just for fun and learning.

    If you start very slowly, then there is less worry that solids will be filling baby’s tummy so he does not nurse as much as he should. Make sense?

    Books for more reading if you like

    My Child Won’t Eat (Gonzalez)
    Baby Led Weaning (Rapley)
    The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition) (whole chapter on ‘the scoop on solids.)

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    THANK U BOTH!!! Very helpful : )

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