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Thread: Tips for 2nd time mom-to-be?

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    Talking Tips for 2nd time mom-to-be?

    Anyone have advice for a mom-2-be again? I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my second DD and wasn't sure if there's anything different to know, like does the milk come in sooner or still a few days later, does BF come easier (I kinda struggled w/ the first DD), is there an "adjustment" with having a toddler and newborn, tips for giving your toddler as much attention as before while BFing, if they ask or stare or try to nurse their dolls, is there a way to "cope" or help them understand with them being only 26 months (will be at time of new DD's birth).
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    Congrats on baby #2!

    Milk typically comes in slightly sooner with your second baby. But you should still expect to have only colostrum for the first 2-5 days after birth.

    Breastfeeding is often easier with the second baby, but you can struggle just as hard with your 9th baby as with your 1st. A lot depends on the baby- if the baby is sleepy, or has trouble latching, or has a tongue tie, etc.

    There is absolutely an adjustment in the family when a new baby comes along. Your toddler may be very interested in the new baby, especially at first. After a while, she may become resentful of the new baby, when she discovers how much of mom's attention is diverted from her. Unless she weaned very recently, she's unlikely to be all that interested in breastfeeding, but she may ask what you're doing. "I am feeding the baby milk from my breast, just like a mommy cat feeds her kittens" is usually a satisfying answer for a toddler. Many kids do nurse their dolls, some don't. It's normal either way.

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    My main advice to second time moms is the same as to first time moms. Trust yourself, trust your body, and trust your baby. Wherever or however you are planning to give birth, know what breastfeeding support is available to you and get help asap if you need it!

    Also- Remember that newborns are very very hard work! . Everyone expects the second to be easier, and of course in some ways it is. But you still need all the help you can get. Suggestions- Have meal deliveries lined up, someone to help out in the first hectic weeks wiht the housework if possible. Or simply plan to let housework 'go.' Line up assistance with the care of you toddler. If anyone offers their help, say yes and tell them specifically what you need. If no one is offering, ASK! Sometimes folks assume you don’t need help with number two.

    While it is good to have help, also give yourself and your family time for a private 'babymoon' to get to know baby.

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