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Thread: Scrotum surgery

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    Hi everyone,
    Last monday my lo had some skin removed from under his penis. Just to let everyone know things went well. Luckily for us we had some smart nurses, and they medicated him for pain before his caudal wore off. I was able to nurse him as soon as he got back. The poor baby next to us however was not so lucky. They didn't medicate him for pain early enough, and the poor father couldn't feed him because he was in such pain, They had to medicate him twice before he calmed down. Anyone else had to go through this?

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    I have not had this experience, but just wanted to post and say that I'm glad to hear that your son made it through surgery just fine.

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    I never had to go thru that same exact thing but my daughter has gone under for dental cavities after having baby bottle mouth, yes she was bottle fed, the only one of my four and I regret that now, all my others have been breastfed till they could take a cup, and yes I was in with her right after she awoke and saw small babies in pain, but the nurses did seem to handle them quickily if they thought they were hurting, I guess just like us some babies handle pain differently the some, I'm glad to hear your love one did not suffer because it can be heart breaking to watch.
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