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    Wink Breastfeeding 22 month old

    Hello fellow mamas!
    I'm new to the site and just had a question! My daughter is 22 months old, 2 in July! We still nurse when she needs a nap, goes to bed, or any other time she needs comfort. Well, she nurses mainly from my right breast since that's the side I sleep on, so when she sleeps with me it easy access! Anyway, my boobs recently started feeling tender so I'm assuming my period is coming soon. She NEVER nurses on the left boob and never even tries. I have tried to get her to and she refuses it. Tonight I got curious and tried hand expressing my left boob to see how much comes out but it was brownish white and only a couple drops came out. It wasn't like the milk coming from my right side(creamy white a steady flow). I assume it's because she never nurses from that side but why the brown color? Almost like rusty pipes haha. Has this happened to anyone else? Again, she is 22 months and hasn't nursed from the left side in probably 10 months. I googled and found stuff saying possibly my diet or blood from getting used to nursing. But if it was my diet, I figured it would affect the right breast as well and I'm pretty sure it's not blood since my boobs are plenty used to being nursed on. Sorry for the long post but it freaked me out! Thanks!

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    Rusty pipe syndrome is an actual breastfeeding possibility. It's not dangerous or worriesome though and usually suggested to just keep nursing. Sometimes the blood is not from a cut like you would imagine, but a simple burst blood vessel. I also went strictly to nursing on my right side at that age and although I don't remember the color, the consistency and color of the unused side did change. I would chalk it up to that side drying up and only worry if it was oozing or something like that. Hope this helps.
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    However, rusty pipe syndrome is generally found in first-time mothers, and then usually only in the earlier stages of lactation. It usually occurs during pregnancy or when a mom is nursing a newborn.

    I would keep a careful eye on this. There's a very good chance that this is blood from some minor injury- it could be something that happened when you were expressing or could be from something as simple as your baby punching that breast, or perhaps you banged yourself somewhere along the line. You could even be pregnant- that would explain both the soreness and the blood, since rusty pipe syndrome is thought to stem from changes to the breast that occur during pregnancy. But if you see this again, and you're not pregnant, I would actually go to see the doctor. There's a condition called introduction papilloma that can cause unexplained bleeding in the breast, and I would want that possibility eliminated if this continues much longer.

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