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    So my son is 11 months next week. He gets two meals a day; the first after nursing in the morning and the second in the evening when my husband and I have dinner. I limit his food to about 3 oz since he is quite a pig and would eat until engorged... I let him eat on his own mostly fruits, veggies, homemade bread, and I spoon feed a little homemade yogurt in the morning. He doesn't get any other fluids on a regular basis, just a couple spoonfulls of water at a restaurant or some fruit smoothie if i am havig one. He always clears his tray nomatter what i give him. He has started begging for food when I eat lunch or when my husband has food and its not dinner. We gave him a taste of this or that to begin with and now he just hangs out as close as he can get gesturing and entreating us to give him more.

    Should I add a lunch or snack to his day? I don't have any interference with my supply (I have breast constriction /hypoplasia so I only make so much and when he has drained both sides I attach a sns with my donor mom's milk to the tune of 24 oz a day of breastmilk total) since it is low and he nurses before and after eating no problem. Do I just have a little glutton on my hands or what? I intend to nurse him until around 2, +or-, but it seems like he will be eating a ton of solids soon if I let him. I am worried he will wean early if I give him any more food, my mom (who nursed 4 out of 5 kids successfully, the youngest -me, until almost 3) says he wants to eat more solids and I should let him.
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    I always leaned toward letting my kids regulate their own intake. I think it's the healthiest way to go as long as what I'm offering them is healthy. At this point I don't think I'd worry much about solids replacing milk, since you are so close to him being a year old. He's not likely to stop nursing altogether, though he may nurse less, which is what is supposed to happen after a year. Perhaps eating more solids would reduce the burden of supplementing with donor milk.
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    I agree with you still.here. My 11.5 month old is finally up to 3 meals plus 2 snacks per day and is still nursing plenty!! She doesn't always eat a lot at each meal, but she sits down with me for breakfast (after we nurse when she wakes up) and will have some toast and/or fruit, and then usually I pack up whatever she doesn't eat and it's offered to her as a morning snack at daycare, then she has lunch, an afternoon snack and has dinner with me and my husband just before the bath/bed routine. So it's not a ton of food, but she's always ready to eat at least a little bit at all of those times. I think if your baby is looking at your lunch hungrily, it's a sign that he's ready for some lunch. I know the feeling of worrying that too much food=early weaning. I have had my own fears about that. But I think if you keep it within reason and offer breast milk frequently throughout the day, he will keep nursing a long time.

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