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Thread: sudden, rapid decrease in supply at 5 months pp

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    Some good news--this morning, I nursed my little one on the right side (which he favors) and then pumped--I got 4 ounces from the left and one from the right. I did not, however, get that "locked" feeling I had yesterday--I definitely think that this could be a problem with letting down for the pump, so thank you for the suggestion. I don't think I can try another size breat shield, since I've already got the largest one for my Medela/Lactina and I barely fit in it. It is OK, but I would probably be better with something even larger (which does not exist). With my spare Aventi pump, I have to use those "pumping pals" shield attachments, which work OK--there is no way in this wide world I could use this pump with any of the shields Aventi makes! I think there are probably so many changes going on at once that I am seeing a dramatic effect on my supply, but I'm just going to try to nurse more often now--perhaps he will get used to that now that he has such a strong latch--and I'm going to try for shorter, more frequent pumping sessions. I have to admit that it was hard to leave a collection bottle in the fridge this morning with 5 ounces in it--I never used to let myself stop until I had 8 ounces--but perhaps it will be better just to return to it later as opposed to pushing each session to its limit. As for massaging while pumping, I don't think I would get much at all without it! I do it all the time and it does help immensely.

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    Default Re: sudden, rapid decrease in supply at 5 months pp

    Thanks for the update! And just want to reinforce that getting 5 oz immediately after nursing is still a lot, so don't beat yourself about not getting 8 - that really is an unusually large amount. I think part of this is just adjusting expectations about what is normal!

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