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Thread: bottle vs sippy cup

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    Default bottle vs sippy cup

    DD will be 10 months next week. She has zero issues taking expressed breastmilk from a bottle from DH or our nanny while I'm at work. She also has no nipple confusion - nurses happily morning, night and weekends. (Brief pause to say, boy have we come along way since she was 3 or 4 months - I'm so blessed!) Anyway, is there any reason to transition her from bottle to sippy? She has used one with a silicone spout before - no issues. No one has suggested. Just thinking out loud and wondering if it matters as a learning thing. We have lots of bottles and exactly one sippy cup so I'm in no hurry.

    She seems pretty adept at consuming no matter the receptacle. She has tasted my fruit/veggie smoothies out of a plastic cup tilted to her mouth as well as a straw (not a completely full straw).
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    Hi debbers, I start eliminating bottles once baby is about one. Which by the way I think is a lot easier to do for an EBF baby, because they don't associate the bottle with comfort at all - it's just a means to an end for when mama isn't there. Anyway, once the bottle is gone, obviously you switch to a cup. So my thinking has always been that they should have a recreational familiarity with the cup before age one (which I do with water, so as not to waste EBM, but smoothies are fine too!), and then get serious with the cup after age one. Right now my 14 month old is drinking EBM (leftover freezer stash) from a sippy cup. It sounds like your baby is doing fine with the cup so I think you're on track - I don't think you necessarily need to put EBM into the cup. My experience is that babies are a bit finicky with the cup before age one and so there's increased chance of wasting the EBM.

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