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Thread: Probiotics for 5 1/2 month old?

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    Default Probiotics for 5 1/2 month old?

    My DS has another double ear infection. He just got hit with one about a month ago. Doc treated it with amoxicillin twice a day for 10 days. It rocked the poor little guys GI tract. With this ear infection, they put him on augmentin and he's already had a blow out. I can only see it getting worse. Anyone have any luck with probiotics at this young age?

    I can't help but feel a little defeated that all the good gut flora I've given him with the breastmilk is getting flushed out of his system. I do know that the meds were needed as its a really bad infection- just stinks
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    Default Re: Probiotics for 5 1/2 month old?

    No reason you can't give your little one probiotics, even at this young age. You can either get special baby probiotics, or you can just open up a capsule of regular stuff and either put the powder on a wet finger or with a little bit of breast milk. I've done it both ways, when my daughter was only two months old, for thrush treatment. I don't have any personal experience with it while on antibiotics - just that you need to give it between doses so they don't cancel each other out. I hope your little guy feels better soon!

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    Hi, Brand new here, but after reading the last response I had to sign up in order to enter a response as well because I was given probiotics to give to my son, 5 months at the time, and I didn't check the label before giving them to him. It was for children age 4 and up. I probably wouldn't have thought too much about it even seeing that because probiotics are "good for you" and "those labels are to prevent law suits" (I am quoting myself in many instances... ). Well, my ds had a really bad reaction to them (about a half dose) - he got hives all over his face and neck and in his throat (his cry changed... yes, he started crying so hard because of the reaction...). Anyway, we are all ok and luckily we have a wonderful pediatrician that talked me through some of the worst minutes of my life.

    I know many people give probiotics that are meant for older babies to young babies and there is no problem. But I just had to tell my story on this thread so that the other side is out there... Try BabyGaia drops I have them on order but haven't tried them yet... took me this long to feel comfortable trying anything but they are meant for babies and can be purchased at many drug stores or at Amazon. I think they could really help your LO - just use baby ones to be safe. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Probiotics for 5 1/2 month old?

    If you aren't sure about dairy, then look for a dairy free probiotic solution. We used udo's infant probiotics around that age with no issue. Those do contain dairy.
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    Default Re: Probiotics for 5 1/2 month old?

    We've been in a similar boat as you with the ear infections. Giving the antibiotics feels very upsetting even though you know it will help them feel better. I've used baby probiotics pretty much since day one with DS. He was a repeat c-section and our pediatrician recommended BioGaia probiotics to help colonize his intestines with all the good bacteria he would have received from the birth canal. Breastmilk would get him there eventually, but the probiotics would jumpstart the process. Since I am such a big believer in the benefits of probiotics and healthy gut flora, I've continued to use them daily, especially through the antibiotic treatments.

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