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    My three week old acts as if she's not getting anything from breastfeeding. She seems frustrated and starving increasingly throughout nursing session. I feel forced, and therefore do feed her a bottle (usually previously expressed breast milk but sometimes formula). I suspect there's some nipple confusion or that I messed up by giving her a bottle too soon which I know I shouldn't have and should have waited until breastfeeding was well established. Anyway, what do I do now? I'm exhausted by the constant pumping and these hour long sessions that end in me giving her a 2 or 3 ounces bottle anyway. I figure I'd save time by just pumping and giving her that but I really want breastfeeding to work. By the way when I do pump, about every three hours, I'll get 2-3 ounces if there hasn't been nursing in that time frame. When I pump after nursing, I'll get about an ounce. How do I get my baby full from breastfeeding? Is there any hope?

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    Congrats on your little one! I think there's lots of hope for you exclusively breastfeeding! It sounds like she's pretty normal to me, in terms of wanting to nurse all.the.time. That's what newborns do, especially in the first six weeks, to get your supply good and established. There are growth spurts too in those first six weeks (some people say 3, 6, and 12 weeks), where baby seems to nurse even more! It's not unusual to just spend the first six weeks in your pjs on the couch, with the baby. Your pump output sounds pretty normal too. How is baby's diaper output and weight gain? Any concerns there? If not, I think you're best to ditch the pump and the bottles for now, and just let your baby nurse as much as she wants to. Also, babies will often guzzle down a bottle, even if they're not hungry.

    Any problems with her latch? Are you having any pain?

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    with carm3. She has good suggestions. I also have the same questions-basically, besides babies behavior and the long nursing sessions, was there any other indications baby was not getting enough milk at the breast? (Poor weight gain, not enough poops, doctor or anyone else expressing concern?) Also-does nursing hurt you or is it uncomfortable for you?
    How many times a 24 hour day does baby nurse? Is baby being nursed on 'cue?'
    How many ounces of breastmilk do you give baby in bottles each day? IS that about the same as you are able to pump each day?
    How many ounces of formula is baby given each day?

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