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Thread: Pumping issues

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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm hoping someone can help me out.

    I used to pump just one side at a time as that's how I feed my baby and found that it would take too long to pump the required amount for my LO. Based on the advice I got on this forum I started double pumping and it worked out pretty well for me for a while. Now I'm having the same trouble that I did when I single pumped. The milk flow just barely trickles out even though I feel a strong letdown.

    It takes a while to pump and for some reason the past few days I've been feeling engorged as well. Also the consistency of my milk has changed. It's more watery now and I dont know why that is.

    Isn't it true that the amount of milk you remove causes more milk to be produced?
    could it be that I'm pumping for longer and this is causing the engorgement even though I'm expressing the same amount of milk?

    I still nurse my LO on one side when I'm with her and I pump twice a day for two of her missed feeds.

    I've tried everything from listening to LO's recorded voice, watching her videos, breathing exercises to help express the milk faster. Isn't it weird that I can feel a letdown but dont see any milk coming out. I HAVE to do continuous breast compressions to express milk. I'm using a hospital grade Medela Symphony and I did change my flange size a while back.

    Can someone offer any tips on improving the milk flow?



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    Default Re: Pumping issues

    First troubleshooting questions - for how long and how often have you been using your pump? have you replaced your valves & membranes?

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    I'd replace valves and white membranes, too. And make sure your tubes and pump membranes (the round yellow bits) are properly seated every time.
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