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Thread: mastitis or thrush???

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    Default mastitis or thrush???

    Hi ladies!!

    so I posted earlier about my burning pain when nursing from one breast. I made an appt and my doctor prescibing me antibiotics. Since im allergic to penacillin I have to go on another kind that she said I will have to pump and dump for a week and give him soymilk. She never even mentioned thrush! I never picked up prescription and decided to do research myself just to decide. Well over the weekend my 9 month old started getting white blisters on insides of his lips...he even has a few very red blisters and his tongue looks a little white and very raw. so assuming its thrush I called dr this morning to see if I can get new prescription and called ped to get prescription for baby. but my dr says I shld go on antibiotics for a wk and give him a sippy cup.....she mentioned mastitis...I have no fever and dont feel sick so im just confused!! I co sleep and nurse my son back to sleep several times throughout the night. so as u can see suddently switching to a sippy cup (which he isnt good at using still anyway) will be no fun for me and him! I ordered gentian voilet online and also grapeseed extract. will those clear it up if it is thrush?? wld thrush be on both sides? nipple is very sore and hurts to the touch and is very very painful when nursing so past few days I just mostly nurse on the other side that doesnt hurt. of course if thats what it takes for both of us to get better Im sure I can give him a bottle or sippy cup if I have to I just want to be sure that is what is really needed. Sorry so long!!! any advice wld be great!

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    Default Re: mastitis or thrush???

    Soy milk for a 9 month old? Your doc is wrong, wrong, wrong! Under a year, if you substitute anything for breastmilk, it should be formula. Soy milk does NOT have the right nutritional make-up to support healthy growth.

    Many antibiotics are compatible with breastfeeding, and many doctors are misinformed about safety of antibiotics during breastfeeding,mand therefore recommend pumping and dumping for all but the basic antibiotics. For information on the safety of specific antibiotics, I suggest contacting the Infant Risk center: http://www.infantrisk.com/

    Are you the mom who is in Buenos Aires? If so, and you're not into making an international call, let us know what sort of antibiotic you have been prescribed and I am willing to bet that someone in the US will be willing to make a call for you. That being said, I don't think it sounds like you need an antibiotic. You don't feel sick, you don't have a fever. And you do have burning pain, and the baby has white blisters in his mouth. That all sounds like thrush to me!

    Additional symptoms of thrush:
    - Nipples appear more red, pink, or shiny than usual
    - Cracking, flaking, or peeling skin in the nipple or areola
    - Small slit-like cracks which may be on the nipple or may radiate onto the areola
    - Vaginal yeast infection in mom, or yeast diaper rash in the baby

    Thrush is not a problem a lot of docs are familiar with. The exception is pediatricians, who are more likely to see oral thrush in a baby. I would take the baby to his doctor and see what that person says. If the pediatrician thinks it's thrush, make sure that a course of treatment (usually an antifungal medication like Diflucan or Nystatin) is prescribed for both baby and for you. You must treat both mom and baby, or one will reinfect the other as soon as treatment is over!

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