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Thread: Creamy homemade foods

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    Default Creamy homemade foods

    My 10mo son has been EBF and we have started trying solids over the last couple of months. So far, he seems to have a texture issues with anything that isn't creamy like yogurt. He will eat yogurt and is interested in yogurt, but if I offer anything else, he refuses.

    I managed to do a combination of homemade purées and BLS with my daughter and would really like to avoid jarred baby food with this one too. I wasn't worried about his lack of interest, but everyone else seems to be (needs food, sleep through the night, all that stuff). My ped wasn't concerned at his last checkup and is very supportive of whatever I feel is best as far as solids. He even said that some wait as long as 16-18 months to get interested, so he's very BF friendly for us.

    Any suggestions on things that can be made creamy like yogurt? Should I blend things with the yogurt and try to make them creamy? Any suggestions? Things that have any other texture seemed to be spit out (puréed peaches, zucchini, etc).


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    so maybe your ped is right and your son is simply not interested yet? if you were not worried and your ped is not, unless it is your husband just forget it. say thanks for asking and movet he conversation along if you know what I mean

    Anyway, i think texture depends on what gadget you use to make the puree. what do you use? I know my blender makes a smoother texture than the immersion blender does.

    Something that gets very smooth is pumpkin and also carrot or potatoes. Especially if you add a piece of butter (not subsitute).
    In general added butter makes purees smoother. I doubt that yoghurt would, i suppose it depends on the fat content.

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    Default Re: Creamy homemade foods

    You could mix yogurt with a variety of foods. We did pumpkin and yogurt, yogurt with lentils and vegetables. I did a lot of white bean purees, too. Beans like lentils and white beans puree nicely. I guess I'm having a hard time telling whether it's the consistency or the actual yogurt that your LO likes. You might have to do something like avocado pureed to a puddling-like consistency with banana and breastmilk or something. My LO loved purees and slowly took to finger foods (mostly fruit in the beginning) so if you have time to make your own purees I think they're worth a try. But he may just not be interested yet, like you say!
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    Default Re: Creamy homemade foods

    I use banana to give smoothies a creamier/thicker texture. Maybe adding banana to other foods would work? Or some baked sweet potato puree?

    I'm also wondering if it's not the sweetness of yogurt rather than the texture that's so appealing to him.

    And I'd second the comment that if you and your ped aren't concerned about it, I don't think you should necessarily feel like you have to get him to eat more solids. If it were me I'd probably just continue to offer different textures of foods and if he doesn't want to eat them, don't worry about it.
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