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Thread: Did you increase your milk??

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    Default Did you increase your milk??

    Hi all mamas. I am looking for some support and need to hear from some moms who have been successful at increasing their milk. DS is 7 months and three months ago I had to go back to work full time since DH lost his job. Prior to that I was only working 10 hours per week and milk supply was just fine. Now I am only getting one oz at a time when I pump. There are times when I cannot pump for up tp 5-6 hours. I am a home care nurse and sometimes I am in a home for over five hours. I co-sleep and BF at night when he wants and during the day as well. We have to supplement with formula now. I have no stash and after working 8 hours I am only bringing home 4 ounces. So sad... I know what to do to get more milk but what I am wondering if all of that actually works??? Have you gone throught this before and were you able to get your supply back. I just need to know if this is an endless battle or not??? Thanks so much and sorry my computer is acting funny.

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    Yes, the supply-increasing tricks do work- I know because I got my supply out of the toilet with them. They don't all work equally well, though. The following supply increasers tend to work very well: nursing more, pumping more frequently during the day, pumping after nursing when you're home with the baby, pumping at night when baby is sleeping (particularly if baby sleeps for long stretches), using a better pump, making sure your shields are correctly sized. Taking herbs and supplements, drinking teas, and staying hydrated all can help, but these steps tend to be significantly less effective than increased time and effort with the pump- which sucks, because if they worked really well, there'd be a lot fewer moms in your shoes. More time and effort with the pump isn't easy to achieve, but taking some fenugreek is a snap!

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