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Thread: OS, OALD, and clicking sound

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    So this is my 3rd LO and I've obviously had OS with all 3 and am just now trying to get to the bottom of it! Lol! I did block feeding with my first two DSs, but their reflux was so bad, it didn't really seem to help with their fussiness. With my current LO, though, I really think her fussiness is all due to my OS and OALD.

    1.) LO is 5 weeks old and currently nurses roughly every two hours. I've been doing two feeds in a row on one side before switching (so every 4 hours). Like many of you, I have one side (my left) that produces much more. I'm wondering if I should do two feeds in a row on my my left side, but then three feeds in a row on my right to make my over-producing breast get more engorged??

    2.) Also, it seems like eventually (usually around 5 mos), my babies are able to empty the breast completely and sometimes want more. What do you do in this situation? Say they drained the right breast, and ate just a bit from the left - if I am still trying to block feed, would I then still feed from the right again the next time first, even though she'd had a bit from the left? I can very quickly go back into OS when feeding from both breasts!!

    3.) Lastly (sorry so many questions) - when LO is nursing, she makes a clicking sound when she is drinking. Is this a latch problem? Is she taking in air do you think?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: OS, OALD, and clicking sound

    Yes if you want to even out feed on the smaller side three time to every two on the heavier side.
    Yes to picking back up on the same side of the feeding was minimal.
    Clicking is how a less sensitive baby deals with OALD and OS. They move lover on the breast so that they can use their tongue to control the milk spray. Another thing that you may see is the Pop off. Baby take a few gulps then pops off and stares at the breast. Then take a few more sucks and then does this again. This is a baby ANTICIPATING OALD and wanting to avoid choking, sputtering or getting overwhelmed with milk. HTH!

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    Default Re: OS, OALD, and clicking sound

    Good advice from the PP.

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    Thank you so much DJsmom!! That makes great sense. And I love your signature "too lazy for formula"!! That is totally me!!

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