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Thread: OALD or intolerance?

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    Default OALD or intolerance?

    My son is a week away from 3 months. I had horrible over supply which is now easing up. My breast are softer, though they get fuller in the mornings. They use to be engorged, or full pretty much all the time. I was block nursing, now I just nurse one side only usually ever 2 hours so 4 hours between feedings on each breast. He use to choke from OALD, he still does but not as much. Even though supply is evening out, and I feel he is getting hindmilk especially in the evening when I feel very soft, and not full at all, I still feel like I have OALD. He still chokes sometimes even if I am not full. I let down multiple times in a nursing session. He is gaining awesome and has been on the 50-75th curve for weight. He only nurses 5-10 mins, usually more like 5 but he has plenty of wet diapers, and seems happy. This also leads me to believe that I still have OALD.

    He sometimes gets gassy, and his poop is always this yellow mucusy diaper. I started a dairy free diet, it has been a few weeks, and it hasn't done much. I know it takes longer, but I am not sure that is what is causing the problem since his poop consitancy, and gas is really the only MSPI sign he has. Can OALD cause this? Can you have OALD with out oversupply? TIA

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    You can definitely have OALD without oversupply! Fast letdowns are more about how well the baby deals with your milk flow than about the actual speed of your letdown. Imagine 3 different moms:
    - Mom #1 has fast letdowns and her baby struggles with them
    - Mom #2 has fast letdowns but her baby has no trouble keeping up with them
    - Mom #3 has normal letdowns but her baby struggles with them
    It's only the first and third moms who have OALD problems. The second mom has OALD, but it's not a problem for her because her baby handles it okay!

    Because your baby nurses so fast, is gaining really nicely, and because you still feel some fullness in the mornings, I think that you still must have some degree of oversupply/fast letdown, and also a baby who hasn't yet quite figured out how to manage it. I wouldn't do a dietary elimination over this.

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    Default Re: OALD or intolerance?

    Great clarity once again on this issue from mommal.

    I cannot stress how helpful frequent nursing and nursing 'laid back' has been for me, personally, in my 3 kids long battle wth oald and overproduction.

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