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Thread: Having trouble with vitamins and not pooping HELP!

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    So Doc said to get poly v sol vitamins once a day and since i started my BB will go 2 to 3 days without pooping, and when he does go he is very fussy and seems to be in pain. Doc says not the vitamins but somthing I may have ate or his body changes
    any thoughts I kinda just dont want to give him them no more

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    Do these contain iron? Iron can cause constipation.

    Were the vitamins a suggestion just in general? Or is there some particular reason your baby needs this dietary supplement? (for example-Are you anemic and has you baby tested as anemic?)

    An exclusively breastfed baby typically needs no vitamin supplementation with the possible exception of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is available in very tiny one drop dosages for infants.

    As far as what else might be causing the changes in poop patterns and fussyness...how old is baby? After 6 weeks or so less frequent poops pattern-even several days between poops- is normal for some babies. BUT if the baby is showing signs of having a difficult time passing stools, and/or poops are harder or dryer than you would expect, that is different. (If it's been several days, poop consistency will be a bit thicker than daily poops, typically-but still be moist and somethign baby can pass with no trouble.)

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    I just double checked the AAP infant feeding guidelines. NO mention of need for multivitamins in most cases, the exceptions being babies whose mothers are vegan or "poorly nourished." http://pediatrics.aappublications.or...#content-block

    I think premature infants also sometimes require 'extra' vitamins but I don't know much about that.

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