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Thread: PLEASE HELP!!-Want to move from supplementing to EBF

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    Also I will try giving him lesser formula to see if he remains satisfied and offer him breast if he feels hungry soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mom.2rish View Post
    Thanks for your clarification.

    Just one last question since I want to establish breastfeeding before his 6 weeks-

    What should be the nursing/pumping/formula feeding pattern (time interval between each) in order to totally wean off from formula?
    Thanks for all your help.
    I wish I could answer your question. But I simply cannot. How to make pumping, nursing and giving supplements work (when it is needed) is going to be very different for each mother. So I doubt there is ever a definitive answer. But in this case, I am really in the dark because I do not know two things-I don’t know WHY your baby was not gaining when ebf (low production? baby cannot transfer milk well? Both?) AND I do not know what your milk production/babies ability to transfer milk is NOW. Lots changes in the early weeks. So what was going on 10 days ago is no longer going on. Things may be better or worse, I just do not know.

    This is why it is, again, really, really essential to see an IBCLC if at all possible. A good experienced one who is familiar with these types of issues.

    The best answer I can give you is-remember that the way milk production works (normally) is that the more often milk is removed from the breasts, the better milk production will be. Also it is best to keep baby at the breast for as much feedings as possible. Watch for active sucking, pauses, and swallowing while baby nurses, this will help you determine if baby is getting milk.

    Time tables are not needed. If it helps you to time things (I will pump every 3 hours, for example) then, do that. But normal infants do not feed every such and such hours and so there is no need to nurse or pump or feed baby every such and such hours. Not ever, and not when trying to increase milk production. A normal full ybreastfed 4 week old would nurse about 12 times in a 24 hour day-or more. But baby might nurse every hour, then not for three hours, then twice in an hour...all normal, as long as baby is nursing often enough overall. I guess it is important to try not to ever go longer than 4-5 hours without either nursing or pumping, and that long only once a day.

    Instead, I suggest, Try to nurse your baby at least 10 times a day. Pump after any sessions that seem short or not effective to you. Give supplements as needed, which you will have to determine maybe with input from your doctor or IBCLC. Remember that a baby "acting hungry" after nursing and baby wanting to nurse again very shortly are normal and may not mean baby needs a supplement. It's tricky. I also suggest that you try to nurse baby either before and after a supplement-try to avoid 'just bottle' meals. Adjust above as needed for your sanity.

    You are not trying to establish your milk production by 6 weeks. It's not as if 6 weeks is the end and there is no hope later. It's just that this is a very important time to start fixing whatever the issues are.
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    Default Re: PLEASE HELP!!-Want to move from supplementing to EBF

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

    I will contact a IBCLC immediately.

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    Default Re: PLEASE HELP!!-Want to move from supplementing to EBF

    I was in this spot and the only way I got out was in person help through my local LLL leader and an IBCLC... I also changed peds.... my son was and still is a slow gainer and I believe he was put on supplements in error this may not be the case for you but what worked for my family was to to take away one of the supplement bottles every few days until eventually there was none... we were giving 4-5 bottles per day and removed all supplements by 4 months...it was hard, it took about 2 weeks to remove all supplements, he was extremely fussy every day... but we did it.... in the end my son was more alert and happier once we got everything straight.... you can do this but you will need help to encourage and support you if nothing else...
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