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Thread: Nursing strike or weaning?

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    Default Nursing strike or weaning?

    My 14 month old abruptly stopped nursing Sunday morning, and we found out Tuesday that she has an ear infection. She's probably had it for a while because she had been showing signs of discomfort nursing for a couple weeks, which I had attributed to teething. But now she's been on antibiotics for 2+ days and still has no interest. I offer 4-5 times a day, but she won't even attempt to latch. Maybe 2 or 3 of the times that I offered she actually started to put her mouth around my nipple, but each time she pulled away before attempting to latch. For the most part, it's like she wants to completely ignore my chest altogether. She seems quite content sucking her thumb. At first I thought this was just a nursing strike, but I'm starting to think she has associated the pain in her ear with breastfeeding and isn't willing to try again.

    I've already tried different times of day and night, various stages of awake/asleep, and bathtub.

    Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but her twin also has an ear infection and is still happily nursing.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Nursing strike or weaning?

    Hi mama, the abrupt stopping makes me think nursing strike, and you've discovered an excellent reason for her to stop the nursing. I would keep doing what you're doing in terms of offering the breast frequently, skin-to-skin time, bathtub, etc. For what it's worth, I had an ear infection last month and it took more than two days of antibiotics for the pain to go away.

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