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Thread: Recurring clogged ducts, 5 months pp

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    Default Recurring clogged ducts, 5 months pp


    I'm 5 months post pardum and in the last 3 weeks have gotten 3 clogged ducts! 2 really bad, painful ones in my right breast, which has always been my over producer. And once in my left, not quite as painful. It seems so strange that this is happening now!

    I haven't changed my sleeping pattern and am pretty sure I'm staying hydrated. Why would this all of a sudden start? What can I do to help it stop?


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    Default Re: Recurring clogged ducts, 5 months pp

    Is baby nursing enough? New under wire bra?

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    Default Re: Recurring clogged ducts, 5 months pp

    I've had very many of those, too. Until about 8 months postpartum. I think it was the consistency of my milk that did it. I nursed very frequently, drank enough, etc, but was still very prone to receiving plugged ducts.
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