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Thread: Pls talk some sense into me re: sleep training

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    Default Pls talk some sense into me re: sleep training

    I think I just need to reassurance of some other like minded parents. Let me start by saying that I don't know what is wrong with me. DD was a TERRIBLE sleeper (she didn't STTN until she was 2.5). We gave up on the crib before she was 1 year old and she slept with DH and/or I until that point. Now at almost 4 she's a really great sleeper but we never "trained" her. So it's not like dealing with a child who sleep poorly is new territory.

    So here I am dealing with the s*itty sleep of DS who is 10 months and I find myself back in the same old habits I had with DD. I am reading everything I can find online trying to fix his problem. He was a pretty great sleeper up until 7-8 months. He'd start the night in his crib and then I'd bring him into bed with me upon his first waking. He was going 5-6 hours per night pretty consistently.

    At the 7-8 month mark things totally fell apart. He refuses to sleep in his crib for naps or night and wakes for both at the 30 minute mark. However if I hold him he'll sleep much better. I'm fine with this some nights but there are things I'd like to do ing the evening that I can't hold him for. As well, DH works shift so I am often alone managing bedtime which is difficult when I can't put DS down.

    I really don't know what to do. I have read that his waking like this indicates he's overtired and can't put himself to sleep. I have been reading about mild forms of sleep training but not sure I could go through with it. On the other hand I am getting angry and resentful and not having a few minutes to myself in the evening.

    I would really appreciate any thoughts or insight. I am feeling pretty conflicted on sleep training at the moment.

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    Default Re: Pls talk some sense into me re: sleep training

    As a new mom last year I was really ignorant about this stuff. I actually decided on co sleeping the minute DD was born but I still read up on sleep training because many people told me it was GREAT. After I educated myself I concluded its great for parents. But not this parent or my baby. Dedicating my evenings to my LO is hard. I work all day and am with her the min I get home til we go to bed together. Not sure how things would go with a 2nd but I can appreciate how hard it is.



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    Default Re: Pls talk some sense into me re: sleep training

    At that age they're developing so rapidly. Crawling, pulling up for some, even walking for a few. Teething can do it as well. So don't blame yourself.

    I never sleep trained either. I just worked with what they gave me. If they didn't want to leave me, I put a folded comforter on the floor in the living room. Sometimes I'd lay down and nurse them to sleep on it. Sometimes they'd curl up on it on their own and sleep on it. It was much easier to work with them, through whatever stage it was that they were going through. Working against them and forcing behaviours just doesn't feel right to me. Considering that DD1 (4.5) and DD2 (2.75) are now both wonderful sleepers, I refuse to mess with a winning combinations.

    I know it's tough. But this will pass. Their sleeping changes as they change. At this young age they are changing so rapidly. Remain flexible and the tough times will work through that much faster.
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