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Thread: Giving the baby water

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    Default Giving the baby water

    My husband and I went to a crawfish boil last weekend and my 4 month old became overheated. I was bottle feeding him that day and took him to my husbands office to cool him down. Gave him his bottle, which he took 12 ounces of. Stripped him down to his diaper and layed him on the cool desk. I have been told this was a perfect time to give him water. Should I have.

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    No. Babies should be fed breastmilk or formula alone until 6 months. No water, no solids. Milk (or formula) provides all the hydration a baby requires. Water provides hydration but lacks the electrolytes present in milk (or formula) and therefore too much water can actually throw off a baby's electrolyte balance and make him sick- and because young babies have low body mass, "too much" water can be a relatively small quantity. In addition, water lacks the protective immune components of breastmilk and can be contaminated with things you wouldn't want your baby to drink (bacteria, amoebas, etc.).

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