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Thread: Inducing Lactation With Sucking - How Long? (details)

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    Default Inducing Lactation With Sucking - How Long? (details)

    I'm wondering how long it will take to induce lactation if one uses sucking as their only method, preferably 5 minute sessions (split - about 2.5 each breast?) about 8 times a day? Has anyone has experience with this? Do you think I would need to put that 10 minutes - (split - about 5 min each breast)? I can't do recc. 20 minute sessions...

    Also one big important thing - I have no sucking partner, and I'm sort of sucking my own breasts >.< Kind of embarrassed, but will this work or must it be someone feeding from below?

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    Default Re: Inducing Lactation With Sucking - How Long? (details)

    The "when" questions are the hardest to answer, because the answer varies widely from woman to woman, based on her anatomy, on whether or not she has ever been pregnant or nursed a baby, her response to pumping or nursing, and the effort she puts into the process. I suggest seeing a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, for an individualized plan and for help selecting a high quality double electric pump. Suckling alone is unlikely to generate much milk- at least the way you're doing it. Ideally, a woman who wants to induce lactation would pump or nurse at least 8-10 times a day, for at least 15-20 minutes per session.

    Can you tell us a little more about your situation? We may be able to recommend resources for you.

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