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Thread: 3 week old baby long list of concerns help! gna quit soon!

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    Default 3 week old baby long list of concerns help! gna quit soon!

    1. Baby just doesnt latch for long enough he does on certian parts of the days others he doesnt.
    2.My baby is choking so much because I have such an extreeme over supply
    3.My babys poos are green why?? i hear its because hes not getting enough nutirance so that would mean hes not feeding enough? hes constantly on the boob. maybe getting to much for milk ? i try doing the block feeding were he feeds of the same boob for awhile. i dont know what to do yes hes gaining weight but it could be from all the sugary for milk hes getting all the bf consultant etc ive seen tell me hes feeding well its like they only see a few feeds and its luck its a good one they witness but somethins not right constantly green last few days and i havent eaten anything different im really worried and concerned.
    4. I cant keep him awake long enough to get a full feed please list a long list of ways to keep him awake during a feed or wake him up. tried changing his nappy tickling cheeks cold wipe on his face splashed water on his face stripping him naked
    5.he makes a clicking noice while drinking milk why?
    6, what position do you find most comfertable those who have big boobs i am a G/H cup and its all a mess , no position is comfy for long espeshily with me bein ver sore down there right now i cant sit straight.
    7. I need tips for staying awake at night, I dont want to co sleep. but i have a feeling when he wakes up to eat i put him in bed to latch him onbecause its such a fus putting a bib on ( as i always soak all his cloths) try to get in position then try to latch him he falls asleep then i fall asleep argh i just need tips to stay awake please..
    8. i dread bf in public with all the huge squirting and pouring of milk alll over him and today i recorded 4 letdowns! in one bloody feed! the feed wasnt even that long around my nipples fill up it feels uncomfy and tingly etc then i spray him all over so the expresing before u put them on to prevent the letdown from making them choke doesnt work for me.

    im tired!! i hve a 14 month old who isnt well that im looking after and to be honest i either might stop all together or go back to expressing like i did with my daughter.

    i have tried the whole feed frequently to help engored boobs but he will not open his mouth if he isnt hungry nothing i can do. its worse at night as he is too sleepy to eat!! and will suck for 2 seconds.

    plz help me. ( now i dont even go out and i finanly got the confidence to bf in public but now he is crying and screaming during the feed even when hes latched on!

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    Default Re: 3 week old baby long list of concerns help! gna quit soo

    Hi welcome to the forum I'm sorry you're having so many problems. Almost all and possibly all of the things you describe could be happening due to the overproduction. even the sore nipples even the green poop.
    Is your baby gaining wait appropriately? This is very very important I'm going to assume that since you say you have over production that your baby is gaining well if that is not please let us know. If your baby is gaining weight then your baby is fine. There is plenty of nutrients in your milk. Green poop does not mean there are not enough nutrients. It's a possible side effect of overproduction and since you have over production that's probably what it is.
    I'm on my phone so I have to make this short go to the website www.Kellymom.com look up the term forceful letdown. Try everything in that article with the possible exception of block feeding sometimes you have to be very careful about block feeding.
    I'm not saying don't do it I'm just saying it has to be approached with caution. And you may need more information.
    If you try everything in that article or have already and things are not improving can you see a board-certified lactation consultant?

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    Default Re: 3 week old baby long list of concerns help! gna quit soo

    Sorry I was on my phone before, so I missed a little of your post. I will try to take each question individually. First I want to say I am assuming your baby is exclusively breastfed and you are not pumping or giving your baby bottles of your milk or formula. If you are doing any of these things, I may have to adjust some of what I say here.
    1) If your baby is not nursing for a long time, but is gaining well, then your baby is nursing as long as baby needs to. It is normal for some sessions to be much shorter than others, and very typical for sessions to be short if mom has overproduction. No need to worry about length of nursing sessions if baby is gaining well at the breast.
    2) Working on the helping baby handle the forceful letdown should help. You have tried some things and say they don’t work. All I can suggest is try them again, with any adjustments that make sense to you. These ideas are recommended all the time because they usually help at least a little. They may not all work for you, or course. So, I suggest, try again, even if it seems to not be working-Lean back to nurse baby. Nurse often, If baby pops off, let some milk flow out before putting baby back on again. Hand express a little before putting baby on.
    3) Green poops are normal for a baby when a mom has forceful letdown. They are not a health issue. Your "foremilk" is entirely healthy and your baby will thrive on it even if he never ever gets one drop of "hindmilk", and your baby WILL get some hindmilk especially if you nurse often. IT IS A MYTH THAT THERE IS ANYTHING NUTRITIONALLY WRONG OR LACKING WITH "FOREMILK." Some babies do have some tummy aches if they have difficulty digesting the amount of lactose they get if mom has severe overproduction. This can cause baby to be fussy and uncomfortable (more than usual). But this is not a health issue.
    4) How are you defining a "full feed?" again, if your baby is gaining well, he is getting enough milk. Short nursing session and baby falling asleep at the breast are normal.
    5) Clicking noise typical with forceful letdown
    6) I suggest to all mothers, regardless of breast size, to try "laid back." This is especially important if mother has forceful letdown and/or sore nipples. Mothers with large breasts sometimes have difficulty with this type of position, so if you do, try not laying back so far (just lean back slightly) and/or, try getting baby latched on and then leaning back. Baby can be in any position. This positioning technique is meant to be fiddled with until it feels right to mom and baby.
    7) I am not sure why you need to stay awake at night? Is your baby not waking you? Even if you do not want baby in bed for you, it is recommended that infant share the room with mom as a SIDS prevention measure.
    When I needed to wake often in the early weeks with my now 9 month old, (and she was content to sleep) I set my phone alarm and put it under my pillow. I needed to do this because I was getting so engorged and I had to wake baby so she would nurse.
    8) Yes breastfeeding in public is much harder with forceful letdown. I had that problem too. I kept a cotton baby blanket (yes a blanket) handy just for catching letdown, in public or not. Large cloth diapers work well too. Remember your milk production WILL calm down. IN general, this is the time milk production would be "peaking." So this is almost certainly a temporary problem.
    If your baby is not interested and you are engorged, can you hand express?

    Life with a newborn is exhausting. Life with overproduction is exhausting. Life with a sick toddler must surely be exhausting. All together is very hard, I certainly hope you have help! Of course you need to do what will work for you. Just one thought- your baby being a newborn and the overproduction are both temporary situations. Once they are over, many mothers find that breastfeeding becomes not only not so hard, but actually easy, and then a joy. On the other hand, EPing is "forever."

    Some mothers have very very extreme cases of overproduction. This is why I asked if you can see an IBCLC. I do not know what the qualifications are of the people you saw, or how long your consults were. But you may need help with what may be severe overproduction. Hopefully an IBCLC can help you with various techniques for taming severe overproduction. Block feeding has many aspects that can be tried-lengthening the time spent on "one side", or the "full Drainage and block feeding" protocol. Maybe even anti-galactogogues? I do not know. These are all interventions I would hope you would only do under the guidance of a professional.

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    Default Re: 3 week old baby long list of concerns help! gna quit soo

    I also have a forceful let down. I will let the baby nurse until let down, then pull him off and let the milk express into a cloth diaper until the "forcefulness" of it slows down - I can shoot milk across the room. This made him slightly fussy at first, but he was fine once latched back on. This also helped with his gas - he would choke and swallow alot trying to handle the letdown - this might help the green poop also. Have you tried laying down to nurse him? I would think with your large bust size this might be more comfortable for you. Him falling asleep while nursing means he is comfy and content, as long as he is gaining weight, I see no worries. I too had a problem staying awake at night while nursing(with both of my boys) and it bothered me alot - you are exhausted and need your sleep, no matter where you get it. Sitting in a chair was the only hope I had of staying awake, along with setting the alarm on my cell phone for 30 minute intervals until they were finished nursing. When the time came that I would sleep through the alarm, my husband began setting the alarm and coming to wake me up. Can your partner help share the burden until little one starts sleeping longer stretches? You are exhausted, emotionally, mentally and physically. In my opinion, the first 4-6 weeks postpartum pretty much stink, and I feel that it is perfectly ok to admit, we are only human afterall. Once I admitted that with my second son (only 8 short weeks ago)- I felt better about most things (like being annoyed for falling asleep at night or feeling overwhelmed for being someone's 24/7 primary caregiver - it just led to guilt for feeling that way). Being a Mom is natural, but it sure isn't easy!

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