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Thread: Probiotic Safety and Effectiveness

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    Hi all,

    I'm having to take a z-pack for an infection and wanted to try to avoid thrush by taking a probiotic. I wasn't sure which one to buy, but ended up getting the Digestive Advantage ( formerly Sustenex). Only after getting it home did I see that it said to get a doctor's permission before taking it.

    I wondering if anyone has taken this while nursing.

    Have you taken any other probiotics to counteract antibiotics? Which ones worked or didn't work?

    I'm desperate to avoid thrush as I had it while nursing my OD, and we had a terrible time getting rid of it.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    I've taken a probiotic while on antibiotics and nursing to avoid thrush--it was a capsule and the main component was acidophilus. Can't remember the brand; my local health food store had about 10 different brands, so I don't think it really matters that much. I didn't get thrush or vaginal yeast last time I was on 2 weeks of antibiotics, so it must have helped. But at the same time, I was giving my LO baby probiotics which my Dr and the LC said was not only ok but recommended. Now I give him probiotics (powder that I mix with a little bm in the morning, brand Flora Baby) every day because I think it helps with gas and digestion. That's just my experience; hope it helps!

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    My DS was a repeat c-section. Since our pediatrician recommended giving baby probiotics (Bio Gaia) to help colonize his intestines with all of the good bacteria he would have received via a vaginal birth, I see no issue with mom taking probiotics while breastfeeding. I've been taking them regularly since DS was born 5 months ago. Initially I wanted to ward off thrush and any negative intestinal side-effects from the massive dose of antibiotics they administer after the surgery, but I've continued to take them to help boost immunity and keep my digestive system happy. I use one of the "keep in the refrigerator" brands from the health food store. We also give a daily probiotic to our three year old. As you can see, I am a firm believer!

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