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Thread: Lots of crying and slimy poop

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    Question Lots of crying and slimy poop

    Apologies in advance for typos: typing one-handed on phone with baby passed out on my arm.

    Yesterday, out of the blue, DS (9 weeks) started getting fussier and fussier until, when I lay him down at one point to change his diaper, he started crying very hard, as if in pain. He calmed down a bit when I picked him up, but he had a fitful night--lots of wakings, fretful nursing, squirming, etc. This morning, his poop was slimy and army green, a first for him.

    He seems to be back to normal today, though, but I'm curious what on earth yesterday was about. I ate nothing new the past few days, so I'm doubtful it's an allergic reaction. However, DS has never been a happy baby. Cries a lot, gassy, etc. I chalked it up to an immature digestive system, but he does sneeze a lot, gets congested frequently (I have to squirt breast milk up his nose every other day and some scarily large boogers sometimes emerge!), etc. Could these be signs of an allergy? I read on kellymom that a lot of women jump to the conclusion that allergy is the cause of baby's fussiness and unnecessarily eliminate things from their diet.

    DS eats well and is gaining very well. No lack of dirty diapers. Just that he was so miserable yesterday and most days he's a pretty grumpy little fellow. I have him in my wrap almost the entire day because he does not like to be put down and can't sleep unless held. If this is all due to a discomfort that I could alleve, Id feel terrible for not trying.

    Should I start eliminating things from my diet?

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    Default Re: Lots of crying and slimy poop

    Don't jump on the dietary elimination train unless you absolutely have to! Gas, fussiness, and the occasional green stool are normal for 9 week-old babies. And not wanting to ever be put down- textbook normal!

    Give this some time. If he suddenly starts having poops that are consistently or frequently green, you might want to look into the possibility of oversupply (more common) or allergy/intolerance (less common).

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