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Thread: Yeast Infection...treat baby too??

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    Default Yeast Infection...treat baby too??

    I have a vaginal yeast infection : ( I am doing a three day over the counter treatment but I am reading some things online that say baby should be treated too. This is only if baby has oral signs or my yeast in on my nipple right?
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    Default Re: Yeast Infection...treat baby too??

    For a garden variety vaginal yeast infection, you're probably fine to just treat yourself. If you see signs of oral or diaper yeast in the baby or signs of breast/nipple thrush in yourself, it's necessary to treat both of you. But you don't need to go the yet! Just practice really good hygiene. Wash your hands in hot water after every trip to the bathroom, and change your towels, bras, and shirts daily. Airing out your breasts is also a good idea, because yeast likes moisture.

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    I just got over one and baby was fine. :-) good hygiene is key.
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