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Thread: Moby sling for nursing

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    I just purchased a moby sling to wear baby while ingetnthings done around the house amd watch a 3 year old. Just wondering if anyone has nursed successfully in a moby with a 5 week old. Im just not sure how to do it without smothering the baby? Thanks

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    it really depends on your physiology (and baby's to some extent). i highly recommend finding a local babywearing group and/or an experienced store owner who can help you in person, and also (or only if those first options aren't available to you) look for youtube videos. there are a lot out there, some are terrible, but the ones linked from reputable babywearing stores should be a good place to start. and then practice practice practice!
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    I love my mobby wrap mastered nursing my 3 week old in it yesturday and infact prefer feeding that way! It will work with any boobs you just position the sling higher or lower i googledbreastfeeding wrap theres a larger lady showing how to do it she is a life saver! my boobs are h+ and i have low nipples and manage fine xx

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    I've had better success using a ring sling than a wrap for nursing. My boobs are kind of saggy, and I was never comfortable with how low in the wrap I'd have to put baby to nurse. With a sling the baby still feels stable.

    I can say though, that using a moby is great for getting things done when not nursing.
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