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Thread: Green onions for teething???

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    Default Green onions for teething???

    My husband's aunt recommended we give our 5.5 month old the long part of a green onion to chew on to help with teething discomfort. Has anyone heard of this or used this? He is still ebf. We haven't tried solids at all.

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    I've not heard of it for the discomfort, but my kids have both *loved* nomming on green onions. When I'm working in the yard, I pluck greens from our walking onions and hand them to girlie.
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    Default Re: Green onions for teething???

    i have not heard of that before but when my son was under a year he loved chewing, licking or playing with whole raw onions, maybe it was soothing for the teeth? I have always wonderned what he liked so much about them. Nowadays though he hates onions in any form.

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