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Thread: Away 4 times / wk for 3 hour stretches - need to pump?

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    Default Away 4 times / wk for 3 hour stretches - need to pump?

    I'm in grad school and working on my dissertation is much easier for me to do at a nearby cafe than at home. My husband takes our son on a long walk and then gives him a bottle of expressed breastmilk during that time, which I pump in the early morning. We've done this about four times over the past 2 weeks but would like to increase the frequency.

    Do I have to pump to keep up my supply if I am away from my son 4 times a week for 3 hour stretches? I have an electric pump so don't know where / how I'd do that... I can time this absence any way I want. Is it less likely affect my supply if it happens at different times - as opposed to, say, always in the afternoon?

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    Default Re: Away 4 times / wk for 3 hour stretches - need to pump?

    Well, if you're pumping the milk that your DH is feeding your son while you're working, you in effect are pumping to make up for the missed session, even if it's not at the same time that he is actually drinking the milk. If that makes sense. I think as long as you are adding a pumping session for the missed feeding, your supply should be fine. Also, a three hour stretch is not that long. You can try to nurse immediately before and after as well. I don't think it really matters the time that you go do your work.

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    Default Re: Away 4 times / wk for 3 hour stretches - need to pump?

    i agree with PP, plus i'd say, it probably will be easier and better for your supply if you do it at the SAME time every day. that way baby & dad will have a routine, and your body will know when to produce more milk (when you're going to pump) and when not to (when you're away). honestly, depending on the baby's age, even if you nursed right before you left, and nursed right when you got home, 3 hours might be ok without that bottle in there. leaving a bottle is nice for baby & dad, of course, but you might find as baby gets older it's less necessary.

    write write write!! i did the same thing (though baby napped on my chest while i wrote for 2-3 hours every afternoon).
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