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Thread: 10 mo nurses mostly at night...and hard!

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    Default 10 mo nurses mostly at night...and hard!

    I have a 10 mo DS who is a joyful, sweet little guy. He is extremely easy during the day and I have to practically push the boob at him to get him to nurse. I do this every 4 hours so I can remember when I last nursed him. Earlier in the week I got busy and realized it had been 6 hours! He does get 3 "meals" a day of solids (AFTER nursing), usually a tin of babyfood fruit, some fingerfood goat cheese and bananas, cheerios, etc., whatever he wants to eat on his tray.

    At night he is a different baby. On a good night he is up every 3 hours to nurse (this has been since Christmas). On a "bad" night it's every 2 hours to nurse and every 40 min-1 hour just "because." His "special" is peeing through his diapers, wool cover, me, everything.

    When he nurses during the day he takes 10 min. at most if I try to keep him on task, a quiet place, etc. At night he can go 30 min + and nurses "hard," if that makes sense...it's like he pulls back on the nipple while still sucking, and that is how he wants to nurse. If I try to gather him closer he pushes away so he can "pull and nurse," if that makes sense.

    Anyway, I am just getting really sleep-deprived (par for the course, it seems) and am wondering if there's any way I can "encourage" my DS to take more milk during the day, as he seems to nurse more easily and efficiently then, and well, sleep would be good.

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    Default Re: 10 mo nurses mostly at night...and hard!

    Extremely busy babies can definitely get into the habit of reserving their demand for nighttime. Nighttime is boring, so baby isn't missing much by nursing all the time. During the day, nursing might mean that he could miss a visit from the mailman! Or not get a chance to explore that exciting toy over there. Or that bit of dirt on the floor. Or his own toes!

    The key to getting a near-toddler who is reverse cycling to nurse more during the day is often to make the daytime a little more boring. Take baby into a dark, quiet room, with no toys or other competition for his attention. Hopefully when he's bored and calm, he'll nurse more.

    More daytime nursing doesn't necessarily mean less night-waking, unfortunately. There are babies who nurse really well during the day and yet wake up all the time. Ha ha! What amazing senses of humor they must have.

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    Default Re: 10 mo nurses mostly at night...and hard!

    My daughter often pulls the nipple practically all the way out when she nurses. I think it's to control the flow somewhat. I have a rapid and large letdown and sometimes it's too much. Sometimes she'll pull it out all the way and touch it almost she's trying to figure out how it works...she gets the most curious look on her face. She's also a very physical nurser..she hits my breast and grabs fistfuls of it and pinches it. Nights are actually not like that, she remembers how to comfort suck. So maybe your LO is just trying to control the flow? No good advice just empathy.

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