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Thread: Need some advice. 7m lo and possible prego?

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    Default Need some advice. 7m lo and possible prego?

    Alright when my daughter was 4 months old I had a hormonal pregnancy. I had all the symptoms but there was no baby. Now my lo is almost 7 months and I have swollen boobs, nausea, motion sickness ( only get this when prego) heightened since of smell, tiredness all the time, and a hard lump in my lower abdomen. I hate literally taken 12 early pregnancy tests and all of them are negative. Could the fact that I am still fully breastfeeding my lo give a false negative?
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    Default Re: Need some advice. 7m lo and possible prego?

    No, breastfeeding won't generate false negatives. Pregnancy tests detect the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is a hormone produced by the fertilized egg in early pregnancy, and by the placenta in later pregnancy. Breastfeeding and the hormones associated with breastfeeding don't do anything to hCG- they don't mask it or break it down or anything like that. If you've taken 12 tests and they've all been negative, then either you're not pregnant or you tested too early.
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    Default Re: Need some advice. 7m lo and possible prego?

    Or you are using really bad pregnancy tests!

    Have you talked to your doctor about your symptoms?

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