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Thread: going to a concert:good idea when b-feeding a 3month baby?

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    Default going to a concert:good idea when b-feeding a 3month baby?

    i have a 3month old baby girl who is breastfeeding exclusively.in june i want to go to a live concert.Is it cool to leave her with a good friend of mine to watch her while i am there?should i pump and store milk for this occasion or is it ok to just feed her before i go and right after i come back?my other concern is that she sleeps around midnight usually, and i am afraid she would be restless if im gone before that time.

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    Default Re: going to a concert:good idea when b-feeding a 3month bab

    I think you'd be perfectly fine to get out for an evening. I would pump and store some milk just in case, but also feed her before you go and maybe it won't be needed. You'd probably only need to have about 3 ounces on hand, which shouldn't take long to pump if you do a little each day. And spend some time with your friend so your baby can get to know her a bit ahead of time (I'm guessing you probably do that anyway). Maybe have her over one evening during bedtime hours so she can see your routine if you're concerned about her being able to get baby to sleep.

    Like I said, I think you and baby will both be fine, even if she does get a bit restless, but if you find your anxiety about leaving her is outweighing the fun you're having, you can always just leave the concert early.
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    Default Re: going to a concert:good idea when b-feeding a 3month bab

    I never left my kids without any breastmilk, even if I didn't think they'd drink it. When they're with other people, the schedule and routine is completely off. Having it there as an option is a requirement as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather they didn't need it and had it, rather than needed it and had to go without. Not fair for baby, not fair for care giver.

    You should be fine. You're only talking about what, 4 or 5 hours? Set them up for success. Put your phone in your pocket on vibration so that you can feel it if they need you. Be prepared to leave if they need you.
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