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Thread: The Truth About Breastmilk and Ear Infections

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    here's how I look at illness and breastfeeding. Even if baby gets ill, I have a way to comfort baby that works really well for both of us, especially at night when I am tired!
    Also you do not know what all your child is still being protected from. There is way way way more to the health outcomes of formula vs. breastmilk than ear infections. Here is some not-so-light reading about it. http://evergreenperinataleducation.c...anuary2013.pdf

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    As far as avoiding antibiotics goes, it's pretty mainstream (though still not done by all pediatricians) to do a "wait and see" approach with ear infections. Even if they diagnose an ear infection, they'll give you a prescription to fill IF it doesn't improve on its own in 2 days. A lot are actually viral and will go away on their own.

    I was breastfed and still had chronic ear infections (needed tubes as a kid) but I grew out of it and am a very healthy adult. So much of the ear infection susceptibility as others have said is just anatomy, which tends to improve with time and growth.

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    So I am nearly 29, my doctor told me when I was 23 that it was my anatomy that caused my chronic ear infections both as a child and adult. I ruptured an ear drum at the age of 24. I began seeing a chiropractor regularly and have since cut out most processed food, which most cause inflammation and mucus formation. I have also recently cut out all dairy. I have not had a single ear infection since starting these things and have had 2 colds in 5 years... just something else to throw in for thoughts. If you consume a lot of wheat/gluten dairy and other inflammatory and mucus forming foods those proteins crossyour milk and could vbe irritating your LO or they may need chiropractic care. Good luck as ear aches can cause terrible pain.

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