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Thread: Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

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    I have a 16 month old who sounds very similar to your child. He nurses all night basically and he won't eat food. I took him to a feeding clinic. They also suggested night weaning. My gut says that this isn't my child's problem. He also has no physiological problems with eating.I was wondering if you could give an update on your child's progress? Thanks!

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    I wouldn't night wean.

    Here's a thread where I discuss my DS 2.75's eating pattern. You might want to look back at some of my past posts from the last 6 months.


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    Hi! I am the mom of two really picky eaters (older now - 6 years and 4 years). I also have the twins (2 years old who are a lot less picky and better eaters). When my 6 year old was 18 months I also had a huge trouble getting her to eat anything. Rice - she didn't like to get it on her fingers, too sticky. Creamed spinach - she didn't like it hanging off the spoon (lol). Mac 'n cheese - not sure, she out right refused it! I could go on. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I got so paranoid over charts and seeing the picky eating behavior, and the fact that she wasn't talking yet (at 18 months) and now that I look back on it, I wish I could tell myself to just relax!

    I also went to see a dietition and gastro-intestinal pediatric specialist (at 10 months or so). I really found their suggestions to be not useful. They told me to add formula to her breast milk bottles and to give her duro-cal (a white powder additive to any food which is just actually just fat). He said that he could perscribe her some meds that would make her want to eat more but I really didn't like that idea.

    So what did I do eventually? I stopped seeing the dietition and gastro-intestinal specialist. We just kept trying stuff and having some hits and mostly misses. She kept gaining weight at her slow rate. Now, she is still a *picky* eater. But I get the fruits and veggies in her at least. But she is happy, healthy, and doesn't have *any* lack of energy for sure. I figure that eventually she will come around on the food score, it just might take a while. I try telling her a story about her food. (Oh, I bet a lepricon made your food tonight - see how much green is in there...) Seems to help a little to make it fun like that.

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    Oh, and forgot to say, I would not night ween just to get her to eat more. Breast milk is one of the more healthy and well ballanced foods she could have!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*midwestmama2010 View Post
    I am just not creative enough I feel like.

    The pressure though is getting to me. Sometimes she won't ask for hours to nurse and I get busy. I hate that panicked feeling, of being stuck out somewhere and it's been 4 hours or more and she's not asking, but knowing I should offer. She's not demanding and it's easy to lose track of time.

    Thanks for the encouragement of your own children just needing small meals too.
    If it's feasible i highly recommend the purchase of a Vitamin. They are expensive, the cheapest i know of is at Costco for about $349. They go up from there. Since my daughter started eating solids regularly we introduced smoothies. I work full time and at 15 mos she would not take my expressed milk in a cup or via any other means, so i pump weaned. From that point i made her a smoothie every single day. At age 2 she is still nursing and i still make her a smoothie every day. Here are some examples of what's in them.
    1) ripe banana, unsweetened coconut milk (the kind from the carton), some coconut manna (comes in a jar, this is for fat), half an avocado (also for fat), a little raw almond butter (also for fat), frozen strawberries (unsweetened), frozen blueberries (unsweetened) and spinach.
    2) ripe banana, unsweetened coconut milk , half an avocado, half a peeled orange, a large carrot, a small organic apple, spinach, a hunk of raw zucchini, a few frozen strawberries, more than a few hunks of frozen pineapple. The pineapple will dominate the veggie flavors. I will even put fresh lime, basil leaves and celery in these smoothies.

    By the way, I make a full container a day for me, my husband, my daughter and the woman who cares for our daughter during the day. Everyone is getting their good fats, fruits and veggies. I ask my daughter what cup she would like (we have Tervis cups with lady bugs, lizards and cupcakes). I leave in the fridge with a lid and a straw and she can sip it throughout the day. The reason i chose Vitamix is everything completely blends and it's like a lovely healthy milkshake.

    The reason for coconut is that we are a non-dairy family. I understand there is a 'protein powder' that is made from freeze dried beef, but I have not sought it out. My pediatrician suggested I make grass fed beef bone broth and freeze in cubes and add to smoothies for extra iron. Iron has been up and down for us. I've done it once, a little more of a production than i'd like.

    I really hope this is helpful to you. My only caveats are that a) i'm not a nutritionist and b) if your daughter hasn't been exposed to a lot of foods, you might want to simplify at first. Like banana, strawberry, avocado and some form of liquid - even coconut water.
    1st time mom over 40 to Alex(andra) b: 7/14/12

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