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Thread: not gaining weight

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    Full and hard and yet you only get an oz? If you feel full/hard that usually implies that you have plenty of milk, more than the baby needs, even. Makes me wonder what sort of pump you're using, and if the shields are the right size. Also, how long are you pumping for?

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    A baby spitting out his formula indicates to me that either baby does not need supplements (tummy is full) or baby is reacting the the formula, which brings me back to allergies. Also I still have no handle on the weight check accuracy because I am still unclear on when or where they were done.

    And I agree with mommal-why are your breasts getting hard? How do they have time to get hard if baby is nursing very frequently? Maybe your baby is not gaining well because baby is not able to get the milk out (milk transfer again)- this is different than low milk production. It would make it hard to pump much as well.

    This is why it is so important that breastfeeding be assessed, if possible, by someone who is trained to do that. And that would be a IBCLC. An IBCLC would take a history, look at you, look at baby, watch a nursing session, etc, and based on her training and education help you figure out what the problem is and what to do about it. Have you looked into what options might be avaliable to you locally for breastfeeding assistance?

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    I found it a struggle to pump much milk as well . . . kind of freaked out thinking that I didn't have 'enough' - - but that wasn't the case. My LO has just turned 3 months and things are finally settling into a good grove. She's gotten stronger at nursing and is now putting weight on well. My doctor also had concerns about her lack of weight gain and wanted me to supplement with formula. In the end - I had to learn to trust my body and relax about the whole thing.... Seeing a certified lactation consultant really helped a LOT. Once we ruled out tongue or lip tie problems, made sure the latch was ok etc. I started to relax and 'go with the flow' (pun intended...). I take her every week to be weighed and have pretty much gotten to the point now where I'm not pumping at all! Hang in there and try to relax. If your baby is wetting and pooping the right number of diapers that's a great sign.
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