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Thread: Can you take Lysine while Breastfeeding

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    Default Can you take Lysine while Breastfeeding

    I get coldsores and was wondering if I can take Lysine I know Its probably best to ask doctor but I wont be able to till tomarrow so does anyone know

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    Default Re: Can you take Lysine while Breastfeeding

    You can get detailed info on most medications and breastfeeding safety by calling infantrisk. They are open weekdays. You will find the number here www.infantrisk.com Certainly you can ask your doctor but unfortunately in many cases doctors will tell a nursing mother to eihter not take a medication or to wean, totally unnecessarily.

    Since you are looking for an answer tonight I did look Lysine up in the textbook Medications and Mothers Milk and it is rated L2, which I think most people would consider a quite safe rating. (The ratings run from L1-"safest" to L5 "contraindicated." L2 means "safer" and L3 is "moderately safe.") However, for the details and about dosage etc. I suggest call infantrisk if you can.

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