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Thread: impatient baby after starting bottle

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    hi everyone, hope someone can help! i had to go back to work last week and my baby gets expressed breast milk from a bottle while i'm away, (2 feeds), and then i breastfeed the rest of the day, nights and weekends. He has now become very impatient when on the breast- pretty much only happy while letdown happens, and cries when the milk starts to slow down. I do switch feed, which helps to some extent, but doesn't solve the problem completely. Would it help if i switched to a slow flow bottle? Currently using tommy tippee. If so, any recommendations on brand and where i could buy? Any advice much appreciated!

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    I suggest asking your caregiver to give bottles this way: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    This allows baby to have much more control over the feeding session (how much, how little, rate of flow) which is more like nursing at the breast.

    Try it yourself if you can, I have heard in the past that the tommy tippees don’t work well wiht this method as they have to be turned almost upside down for milk to come out??? But I don;t know for sure if this is so or still so.
    I have to run but I may have more suggestions later. Hopefully other moms will too.

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    So my other idea is that this has nothing to do with bottles at all (it is still a good idea to us the tips in the above linked tipsheet on paced bottle feeding anyway.)

    Some other things that can cause this are milk production regulating to "enough" rather than "overabundant" and this can slow the flow. Baby will just get used to it.

    At a certain age or just with normal day to day variations, baby may simply only need short feedings or one side at a time. If baby is full but mom is trying to keep baby at the breast, baby may protest.

    There are other possibilities for fussiness at the breast but that is all I can think of right now that is "flow" related. Except for fast flow, but from what you describe you think it's not that, but the opposite, right?

    Sometimes babies just fuss at the breast and there is really no particular reason, my personal (possibly crackpot) theory based on my own babies is that they feel safe and secure at the breast so they can let themselves go there, like an older child or adult might cry into a pillow. Your baby may be fussier right now due to your recent return to work, a big change in both your lives I imagine! In that case, baby will likely do better after an adjustment period.

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    I had the privilege of being on maternity leave for 4 months, so my supply has regulated a while ago, I don't think that's the problem. I definitely want to take a look at your document, but it seems my computer needs an adobe update - is there a keyword that I can search on the internet in the meantime? and which bottles do you think work best with the method?

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    i have also searched the net re slow flow bottles - what do you think about the Playtex ventaire? would the shape work for paced bottle feeding? thanks a lot!

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    sorry link does not work-maybe because it is a pdf? lets try again http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    if that still does not work, try the search feature on this site and search keyword 'toolkit'

    You want the 'tear sheet toolkit' it will come right up. it will be a page with lots of pdf docs linked. The pdf doc you want is the one called 'bottlefeeding the breastfed baby' this info is also in our book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition) fyi.

    if that still does not work, this article has similar info about exactly how to give the bottle http://blog.nurturedchild.ca/index.p...ottle-feeding/
    and this one explains the importance of cue feeding (both with the timing and duration of bottle feeding) http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/f...ottle-feeding/
    i cannot advise on specific nipples. I have heard it helps to find one the most 'like' your own nipple in size but, really, the fact is a bottle nipple will never feel exactly like a real nipple nor deliver milk in the same way, advertising to the contrary.

    Paced bottle feeding should work with any nipple except possibly those designed to make it really hard for the milk to come out, because, rather than the nipple design controling flow (which may not work well), the way paced bottle feeding works is it is the person giving the bottle, while watching babies cues, (so baby and caregiver together) who are controling the rate of flow with how the bottle is positioned and with 'pauses' as cued by baby. You usually want a slow flow just as a general rule, because in general a slow flow nipple will help the caregiver do this without accidentally flooding baby.

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    Thanks for the info! I will check out those articles for sure

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