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Thread: 6.5 month old averse to solid food

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    Default 6.5 month old averse to solid food

    Hello! My baby is 6.5 months old and I wanted to begin solids since we waited and did not give her rice cereal or anything else up to 6 months. We tried squashed bananas with breastmilk. She gagged on it. We tried sweet potato mashed with breastmilk. She gagged again. We tried avocado (she didnt hate it but she was not very interested at all!) and finally I just tried baby food squash. This has all been over the course of a couple weeks.

    So should I keep trying or what? The pediatrician said to keep trying and she will come around but what would you all suggest ? She makes the most hilarious scrunchy face even when she sees the spoon!
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    Default Re: 6.5 month old averse to solid food

    It could be that she doesn't like the spoon, which, apparently is not all that uncommon! You could try giving her a whole big slice of apple with the peel off (although you may not feel comfortable if your LO has enough teeth to bite a chunk off), or a quarter of an avocado with the peel still on. This way she can mush bits of it off herself (just be careful - I've found that if it's too ripe, the peel becomes brittle and can break off easily). Have you looked at baby-led weaning at all?

    I would definitely keep offering. Even in the 2 months or so since we've started solids, my DD has gone through days when she doesn't like foods she previously liked, and vice versa.

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    Default Re: 6.5 month old averse to solid food

    Some babies just don't appreciate being spoon-fed. Giving your baby some solids to play with is definitely an avenue to explore! The PP gave some good suggestions. You could also offer things like streamed, mashed veggies, shredded boiled meats (like the chicken from a soup), Cheerios, smashed black beans, or whole peeled fruits for baby to lick and gnaw.

    Until a year, breastmilk (or formula) alone meet all your baby's nutritional needs, and solids are for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills only. That means it doesn't matter if your baby eats some solids, tastes them and then spits them out, or refuses to even taste than and prefers to explore them with her hands. Until age one, solids are just for fun!
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    Default Re: 6.5 month old averse to solid food

    Many babies do not eat much initially. It's all such a new experience to them! I remember being all excited to start offering my son solids, got the camera ready for his first bites, and he cried! He really was not interested in solids for many months. The nice thing about the baby-led solids approach (also called baby-led weaning) is that baby can take it at her own pace. But whatever approach you take, yes, she will come around eventually! Just keep offering, remember that playing with food (squishing, smushing, throwing etc) is part of the exploratory process, and it really doesn't matter whether more ends up on baby's face/hands/clothes/tray than in her mouth at this point.

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    Default Re: 6.5 month old averse to solid food

    If you want to start solids now and want to do mashed, (there are alterrnatives, like baby led where you start with soft foods baby can hold in her fist and nibble at, there is a book, baby led weaning and also info online) Anyway, for the mashed route, I suggest, there is no need to put your breastmilk into your baby's food, because all that you are trying to do at this point is allow baby to begin the often very slow and gradual process of learning how to handle and eventually enjoy solid foods. Putting breastmilk into the food increases the calories and nutrition of that food, but that is not needed as these early 'meals' are entirely complementary to breast milk feedings, not replacing them. plus it's a waste if baby is just going to spit it out anyway!

    Gagging is a defense mechanism. respect it. It may be your baby is not ready for food, it may be she is not going to be a fan of those foods, (yet) or it may mean that the spoon went too far into her mouth

    try a bit of mashed food on your finger or a bit of mashed food (and I do mean a bit, like a teaspoon full) right on her tray. Forget spoons or plates or bowels that she can reach, that will all just end up on the floor in a gigantic mess.
    If you do finger, hold your finger near her face, don't put it into her mouth. She may lean forward and open her mouth or she may grab it with her hand and bring it to her mouth. Let her control it. If its a plop on the tray, let her feel it and play with it. She may or may not actually try it, if she trys it she may or may not put it into her mouth, if she puts it into her mouth, she may or may not try to chew, if she chews, she may or may not swallow. All is fine, all is normal. You are ony introducing her to solids. What happens after the introduction is up to baby.

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