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Thread: irritability and also positioning problem

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    Default irritability and also positioning problem

    please excuse my bad english
    i have a 3month old daughter, with a bad temper lately...she used to have colics the first 2 months late at night..but this is something different
    she usually sleeps around midnight, she wakes up usually after 5-6 hours to feed..after 2-3 hours she wakes up again to feed and wake up around 11 oclock.i feed her , she sleeps 2-3 hours and after that she is upset until midnight...she takes brief naps during that time but when she is awake she usually is upset...as for the feeding time...it became short 10-15 minutes top each feeding...there is also a difficulty feeding her in chair or on couch(she turns her head away and if she latch a small move can make her really upset...so i feed her standing (usually walking) and in bed lying down..i used to nurse her laid back too the first 2 months and enjoyed very much but now thi is completely out of question..she also sometimes sucking vigorously her fists but when i offer she rejects...im a bit comfused is it teething maybe ??i dont know, yesterday her doctor examined her mouth and told me she is not teething yet no signs of tooth yet.as for weight and poops everything is perfect she gains wait just fine and the doctor actually told us she is a big baby girl too!!!i will apreciate your help thank you
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    Default Re: irritability and also positioning problem

    Welcome to the forum!

    The behavior you describe could be teething. Many babies begin to experience discomfort from teething long before the teeth are visible in the gums.

    Do you happen to have a lot of milk? Sometimes babies become fussy nursers when their moms have very abundant milk supplies, because the more milk you have the faster it comes out. Some symptoms of overabundant supply:
    - Baby nurses very quickly, sometimes in just 5-10 minutes
    - Mom feels engorged or full fairly frequently
    - Mom leaks a lot
    - Mom feels a strong letdown sensation
    - Mom may be able to pump a lot of milk with very little effort, if she is pumping
    - Baby may fuss at the breast
    - Baby may cough, gag, splutter, or make a click or cluck noise while nursing
    - Baby may "slip up" or "clamp down" on the nipple while nursing
    - Baby may pull off the breast while nursing
    - If baby pulls off the breast, mom may see milk stream or squirt from the breast
    - Baby may be very gassy
    - Baby may go have poops which are frequently or consistently green

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