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Thread: Comfort nursing and bottle feeding

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    My mom will be watching my son when I return to work at the end of eight weeks. My son takes the bottle okay. But he gets fussy afterwards because he is so used to falling asleep at my breast. Are there any tips I can give her to help with him adjust?

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    Hi mama, your mom will work out a rhythm with your son. Things that can help soothe a fussy baby are rocking, walking with him (perhaps in a sling or carrier, if she is comfortable with that), swinging, gentle bouncing (any kind of motion really), soft music or singing, being in a dim room, and a pacifier if you've introduced one. One thing you want to avoid - and specifically discuss with your mom - is to avoid overfeeding your baby as a means of soothing him. This can be really tempting but makes it hard for you to keep up with pumping, and if baby is overfed during the day, he'll nurse less with you at night, thereby making it even harder to keep up your supply. In general you might want to have your mom offer a 3 oz bottle, with a 1 oz "topper" if he truly seems hungry afterwards (rather than just fussy), with an overall goal of between 1 and 1.5 ounces of milk per hour that you are apart from him.

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